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More Names

As far as misleading names are concerned the worst offender in British football (in the link to geography sense and in all other respects too) comes from outwith Scotland.

It was/is the Welsh League side, Total Network Solutions, an amalgamation of teams from Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain in Wales and Oswestry in England. Since the sponsorship that gave them that name has lapsed, they have now morphed into The New Saints – much better, but still uninformative.

The Welsh League made up for this lapse by having the best named club in the UK.

Big Rab mentioned in a comment the now defunct Glenbuck Cherrypickers who might have got this accolade. The famous Liverpool manager Bill Shankly (and his brother Bob – who has a stand named for him at Dundee’s Dens Park ground) once played for them.

Ultimately, though, I must say take a bow, the once Newi, but now Elements, Cefn Druids.

[Edited 12/3/2019: And back to Cefn Druids AFC again, I see.] See wiki article.

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