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New Dundas Park

At the risk of giving Sons fans even more kittens than they have already this season here are some photos of New Dundas Park, home of Bonnyrigg Rose F C, which I took in November 2016.

It’s a lovely old-fashioned place, with an earth mound for a terrace on the side opposite the entrance and you can walk all the way round.

It’s approached up a small lane:-

New Dundas Park Entrance Lane

There was a queue to get in that day:-

New Dundas Park 2

The entrance gates are finely wrought:-

New Dundas Park Gates

South terracing and goal from west terracing:-

New Dundas Park 4

View from southwest corner:-

New Dundas Park 5

From southeast corner looking west:-

New Dundas Park 6

From southeast corner looking northwest:-

New Dundas Park 7

North terracing and goal from east terracing:-

New Dundas Park 8

South terracing and goal from east terracing:-

New Dundas Park 9

North terracing and goal from east terracing (north):-

New Dundas Park 10

South and west terracing from north-east corner:-

New Dundas Park 11

Scottish Cup Opponents

In the Third Round of the Scottish Cup Sons have been drawn to play Bonnyrigg Rose at New Dundas Park, Bonnyrigg on 26th November.

This will be the first time we have played a junior team in the Cup. It will be tricky as they are bound to be very up for it. Even more so considering we haven’t won an away match for nigh on a year.

They beat the Highland League champions in the last round which attests to their abilities.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…..

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