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Winter’s Shadowy Fingers (vi) – and Football Programmes!

I’ve been a bit knackered this week. I started back at work, which is always a shock to the system. That tree I mentioned three years ago – I’ve been blogging for three years? – is looking a bit peaky; but perhaps it always does. Time for reading has fallen drastically.

But I’ve been busy on another count. The man in charge of the East Fife programme has asked me to write an article to appear in the issue for our game there next Saturday (27th Aug) which got me irrationally excited.

I’ve splurged out 1203 words and I’ll need to cut it for publication. So that’s my weekend gone.

(Well I may go to Brechin today but the prospects aren’t good.)

Typical Kirkcaldy Day

Yesterday the good lady and myself had a stroll along the Prom, prom, prom (as we do fairly often) and for the fifth day in a row the sea was wild. The previous days we had seen it only while walking to the High Street; enough to realise it was pretty rough. Thus forewarned, yesterday we took the camera.

Sea Fountain

It’s difficult to capture this fountain effect. The timing has to be right.

Looking North 2

The sea’s pounding has caused a lot of the Prom’s paviors to come loose. This was a minor example of the holes left behind. Flotsam and jetsam are also everywhere.

Sea surging up steps

Evasive action was required here!


Somehow or other a still photo doesn’t quite capture the moment.

Winter’s Shadowy Fingers (v)

Last night just before dusk we took a walk in the nearby park. (Got to try to get the lingering Christmas weight off somehow.)

Underneath one of the trees I spotted some snowdrops. It fair cheered me up.

Perhaps winter may be coming to an end.

Slight Hiatus

Well Christmas has been and gone, and my birthday just before it.

We had both boys, plus the younger’s girlfriend, with us for a few days. A nice family time. Among other things as presents I got a few more tins for the collection; mainly containing biscuits.

Yesterday I was van driving again, the road and the miles to Dundee. Not to mention humphing furniture flat packs up two flights of stairs at the other end.

I can barely move today.

So there’s not been much time for posting.

There has also been a full scale thaw.

Who’s To Blame?

I see that there has been transport chaos in England today. Roads and airports have been closed and motorists have been stranded in their cars overnight.

I trust that Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray and high profile Scottish Tory David McCletchie will now be demanding the resignation of the relevant UK Minister as obviously he (or she, I’ve no idea who has that responsibility, if anyone) is to blame for this totally avoidable occurence.

Just Another Saturday

I’m sure there was something I was meant to be fretting about this afternoon…..

But I can’t quite remember what that might have been.

Working In A Winter Wonderland

My workplace was badly disrupted by the recent snow but the surroundings were lovely when we resumed on Tuesday.

I was a day too late taking these photos. The trees still had snow on them on Wednesday but I’d forgotten the camera. By Thursday it had fallen off.

I took all these from inside so you can see reflections of lights in the window glass.

This is a view to the main road (all but blocked by abandoned cars for most of the week.) The jannies* had done a great job clearing the car park.

Snow had fallen from the higher roof here onto the lower one causing a lot of damage.

There were some nice icicles hanging around.

The Christmas tree looks a little forlorn here. There is actually a pond in this picture.

A couple of courtyards now. The first has some snow covered pergolas. By Friday all the snow had gone.

*Scottish diminutive for janitor. For those from the south who don’t know what one is a janitor is a caretaker.

Winter’s Cold Hard Grip

Hey, guys.

Though I must admit I would not have liked to be stranded overnight in a frozen up car…..

It’s Scotland.

It’s winter.

It snows. Vehicles get stuck.

Get over it.

(And have a bit of patience.)

Winter In Kirkcaldy – Again

We took a walk around a bit of the park on Saturday. Unlike last January when there was all sorts going on on the frozen pond the place was almost deserted apart from the seagulls and geese.

Even the play park, normally well used, was empty.

Here’s where the only evidence of free water was in January.

No convocation of birds this time. They were all (well some of them) up the other end.

Beveridge Park’s two resident swans are in this one. There has been a third swan on the pond for most of this year; we don’t know whether it’s the offspring of these two or a blow-in.

This is the fountain I pictured all iced up last year. It’s not quite so picturesque at the moment but from this angle you can see the building that used to be a park keeper’s house in the background.

Dundee In The Snow

We were back up in Dundee on Friday taking more stuff to the flat our son has bought.

The weather was still interesting.

Above is the block of flats where his flat is, below is the entrance road.

That’s where the van got stuck on Tuesday. Here you can still see the ridges in the snow/ice:-

This is where you would normally park:-

The access road is lined with tenements. There were some great icicles hanging from one of them but the picture didn’t come out too well.

The main roads were fine, though.

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