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Women writers of SF and fantasy first published in the 1970s.

Via Ian Sales’s blog.

Italicised writers are those I’d heard of before looking at the list.

Bold are ones I’ve read.

Struck-through:- I own at least one of their books.

Lynn Abbey
Eleanor Arnason
Octavia Butler
Moyra Caldecott
Jaygee Carr
Joy Chant
Suzy McKee Charnas

C. J. Cherryh
Jo Clayton
Candas Jane Dorsey
Diane Duane
Phyllis Eisenstein
Cynthia Felice

Sheila Finch
Sally Gearhart
Mary Gentle
Dian Girard
Eileen Gunn
Monica Hughes
Diana Wynne Jones
Gwyneth Jones
Leigh Kennedy
Lee Killough

Nancy Kress
Katherine Kurtz
Tanith Lee
Megan Lindholm (AKA Robin Hobb)
Elizabeth A. Lynn

Phillipa Maddern
Ardath Mayhar
Vonda McIntyre
Patricia A. McKillip
Janet Morris

Pat Murphy
Sam Nicholson (AKA Shirley Nikolaisen)
Rachel Pollack
Marta Randall
Anne Rice

Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Pamela Sargent
Sydney J. Van Scyoc
Susan Shwartz
Nancy Springer

Lisa Tuttle
Joan Vinge
√ɬČlisabeth Vonarburg
Cherry Wilder

Connie Willis

I own books by eight out of the forty eight (which makes one-sixth of the total.) Plus I’ve read one more.

On the down side I’d not heard – or not recalled – twelve of them (which is a quarter.)

I wonder what a similar list of male writers from the same starting era would look like.

Twenty-first Century SF Mistressworks

Ian Sales has been at it again, this time with an extension to his SF Mistressworks meme. His latest list is of recent SF written by women. Some are by people I’ve never heard of (shame! shame! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do it would seem.) At least one, though, The Time Traveller’s Wife, I would not – did not – define as SF.

The usual indicator applies. I have read the ones in bold type.

1 Solitaire, Kelley Eskridge (2002)
2 Warchild [Warchild], Karin Lowachee (2002)
3 Natural History, Justina Robson (2003)
4 Maul, Tricia Sullivan (2003)
5 The Time Traveller’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger (2003)
6 Spin State, Chris Moriarty (2003)
7 Dante’s Equation, Jane Jensen (2003)
8 Steel Helix [Typhon], Ann Tonsor Zeddies (2003)
9 Life, Gwyneth Jones (2004)
10 Nylon Angel [Parrish Plessis], Marianne de Pierres (2004)
11 The Courtesan Prince [Oka-Rel Universe], Lynda Williams (2004)
12 Survival [Species Imperative], Julie E Czernada (2004)
13 Banner of Souls, Liz Williams (2004)
14 City of Pearl [Wess’har Wars], Karen Traviss (2004)
15 The Year of Our War, Steph Swainston (2004)
16 Bio Rescue, SL Viehl (2004)
17 Apocalypse Array [Archangel Protocol], Lyda Morehouse (2004)
18 Alanya to Alanya [Marq’ssan Cycle], L Timmel Duchamp (2005)
19 Carnival, Elizabeth Bear (2006)
20 Mindscape, Andrea Hairston (2006)
21 Farthing [Small Change], Jo Walton (2006)
22 Half Life, Shelley Jackson (2006)
23 The Carhullan Army, Sarah Hall (2007)
24 Bright of the Sky [The Entire and the Rose], Kay Kenyon (2007)
25 Principles of Angels [Hidden Empire], Jainne Fenn (2008)
26 Watermind, MM Buckner (2008)
27 The Rapture, Liz Jensen (2009)
28 Zoo City, Lauren Beukes (2010)
29 Walking the Tree, Kaaron Warren (2010)
30 Birdbrain, Johanna Sinisalo (2010)
31 Who Fears Death, Nnedi Okorafor (2010)
32 Song of Scarabaeus, Sara Creasy (2010)

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