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War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

The main (more modern) Overleigh Cemetery in Chester, though its Wiki page says it’s on Grosvenor Road, lies just across Overleigh Road from Overleigh ‘Old’ Cemetery.

Overleigh Cemetery (without the ‘Old’) contains 197 Commonwealth War Graves. The most striking feature (in a War Memorial sense) is the Cross of Sacrifice. It is inscribed, “This Cross Of Sacrifice is one in design and intention with those which have been set up in France and Belgium and other places throughout the world where our dead of the Great War are laid to rest: their name liveth for evermore.”

It is unusual for any municipal cemetery in the United Kingdom to have a Cross of Sacrifice. Most, of course, have fewer than the minimum number of graves (30) to qualify for one. In this regard Overleigh’s 197 must surely be an outlier.

Cross of Sacrifice, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

There are many indivdual war graves in Overleigh but the photographs below are of clusters or scatterings of graves:-

War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

Overleigh Cemetery, Chester, War Graves

Scattered War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

Chester, War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery

Chester, Overleigh Cemetery, War Graves

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