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Barnard Castle Garden of Remembrance

This lies alongside the A 67 through the town a bit closer to the centre than the Boer War Memorial:-

Garden of Remembrance, Barnard Castle

Gate to garden:-

Gate to World War 2 Garden Of Remembrance, Barnard Castle

Stone in memory of the crew of Blackburn Botha L6416, “lost in these hills 22/8/1941.”:-

World War 2 Remembrance Plaque, Barnard Castle

Stone in memory of the crew of Meteor NF11 WD 778 of RAF Leeming. “Lost in these hills 24/3/1954.”:-

Barnard Castle Remembrance Plaque

Stone dedicated to the aircrews of all nations who lost their lives while serving with the RAF and Air Transport Auxiliary:-

Remembrance Plaque, Barnard Castle

“To remember all those of the Merchant Navy who died in war and peace.”:-

Plaque In Barnard Castle Garden of Remembrance

Since 1916, 47 RFC or RAF aircraft have been lost in flying accidents in Teesdale and the Western Pennines. Plaques in remebrance of Bill and Lella Eden founder members of the memorial garden and another to Squadron Leader Roger M Matthews, RAF, killed in a flying accident nearby on 6/8/1981.

Remembrance Plaques, Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle Interior (i)

Prior to September last year we hadn’t actually managed to get inside the castle after which the town of Barnard Castle is named. But then we finally maaged.

Entrance from inside:-

Interior of Barnard Castle, Teeside

The castle as it was:-

Barnard Castle info Board

The Castle was divided into two main Wards, the Town Ward and the Outer Ward, with a smaller Inner Ward and Mid Ward towards the west.

Building on eastern perimeter, part of TownWard:-

Barnard Castle, Part of Interior

Inner Ward from internal pathway:-

Interior of Barnard Castle

Interior of Barnard Castle, Teeside

Interior of Barnard  Castle, Teeside

Part of Outer Ward:-

Barnard Castle Interior Wall

Barnard Castle Wall

Middleton-in-Teesdale, War Memorial

Middleton-in-Teesdale’s War Memorial lies beside the main road through the towm in a smallish memorial garden.

It takes the form of an obelisk surmounting a square column and stepped plinth and is inscribed, “The glorious dead who fell in the Great War 1914-1918,” with the names of the dead below and at the bottom, “Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends”:-

Middleton-in-Teesdale War Memorial

To one side is the Second World War dedication, “Our glorious dead who fell in the World War 1939-1945” and names of the fallen:-

War Memorial, Middleton-in-Teesdale

A third side has the dedication, “Also in memory of those who died from the effecxts of war service”:-

War Memorial, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Additional Names

Anothewr the inscription, “Erected in grateful memory of the fallen and in honour of those who served by the ihabitants of Middleton-in-Teesdale, 1921”:-

Dedication, Middleton-in-Teesdale War Memorial

Great War names:-

Great War Names, Middleton-in-Teesdale War Memorial

River Tees, Middleton-in-Teesdale

Middleton-in-Teesdale is a market town in ….. Teesdale, County Durham, England.

As its name suggests it stands by the River Tees.

This bridge over the Tees is on the east/south approach to the town:-

Bridge over the River Tees, Middleton-in-Teesdale

River looking east from the bridge:-

River Tees at Middleton-in-Teesdale

Looking west:-

River Tees, Middleton-in-Teesdale,

This Coop in the town has deco touches. (Stitch of two photos. The buildi ng isn’t really curved):-

Art Deco Coop Building. Middleton-in-Teesdale,

Interior, St Romald’s Church, Romaldkirk

For the exterior of St Romald’s see this post.

That large stained glass window as seen from inside the church:-

Romaldkirk Church Stained Glass Window


St Romald's Church, Romaldkirk stained glass2 + altar

Chancel floor:-

St Romald's, chancel floor, Romaldkirk


St Romald's Church Font, Romaldkirk

Painting behind font. G R, ie Georgus Rex. That would be George I of Great Britain (and Ireland):-

Painting, Romaldkirk Church

Effigy on the tomb of Hugh Fitz Henry, Lord of Bedale, Ravensworth and Cotherstone:-

St Romald's Church , Effigy, Romaldkirk

Devil’s door – bricked up to keep the devil out!:-

Devil's Door, St Romald's Church, Romaldkirk

Remnant of Saxon Church:-

Remnant of Saxon Church, Romaldkirk

Thee are three separate ceilings in the chuch:-

Ceiling, Romaldkirk Church

Romaldkirk Church Ceiling

Vaulted Ceiling:-

Vaulted Ceiling, Romaldkirk Church

Romaldkirk War Memorial

There didn’t seem to be a War Memorial for Romaldkirk in the open air.

However there was one inside St Romald’s church.

A wooden panel surmounted by, “For God, King and Country” containing names for both World Wars. Below the panel is inscribed, “Father in thy gracious keeping, leave these thy servants sleeping”:-

War Memorial, Romaldkirk Church

In the upper sections of the cross is inscribed, “Greater love hath no man than this”:-

War Memorial, Romaldkirk Church

Also in the Church was this Roll of Honour of those on active service:-

Roll of Honour, Romaldkirk Church

Romaldkirk Church Exterior

Romaldkirk is a village in Teesdale, England. We visited it as the good lady had seen an article in the newspaper saying what a nice wee place it was and that it had a good pub for a meal.

It is quite picturesque; a fairly typical English village with a green.

Village Green, Romaldkirk

Its most interesting building is the church, St Romald’s, parts of which date back to Saxon times:-

Romaldkirk Church

I must confess I hadn’t heard of St Romald. Neither it seeems has the internet – at least on the first page if you search for St Romald. I did find this Teesdale Mercury article on page 2. It dates from 1882 and it seems there are three claimants to the title.

Church’s stained glass window from outside:-

Romaldkirk Church Window

Church tower:-

Romaldkirk ChurchTower

Rear of church:-

Back of Romaldkirk Church

Part of Romaldkirk Church

Another angle:-

Romaldkirk Church, Teesdale,

Church Tower from inn:-

St Romald's Church from pub

There were in fact two pubs/inns in the village. To have lunch we went into the one mentioned in the newspaper article. We both opted for the mushroom soup.

Mistake. The soup was so seasoned it ought to have been described as pepper (as in salt and pepper) soup. A great disappointment. As was the bread slice which came along with the soup. That was so aerated it ought to have been called holey bread.

Chollerton War Memorial

Chollerton is a village in Northumberland.

Its simple cross on square plinth War Memorial lies in a walled inset off the road by a corner.

Chollerton War Memorial


Names, Chollerton War Memorial 3

Chollerton War Memorial Names

Remnants of Hadrian’s Wall

For a lot of its course the B 6318 runs parallel to Hadrian’s Wall. I assume it follows the old Roman Road that must have run east-west south of the wall. (Parts of the B 6318 are very straight indeed.)

Many remnants of the wall remain and can be seen from the road. They look more substantial in real life than in the photos. Pictures taken from the passenger side:-

Hadrian's Wall

Part of Hadrian's Wall

Remains of Hadrian's Wall

More of Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall by Roadside

Hadrian's Wall as Part of Landscape

Hadrian's Wall Remains

Housesteads Fort Information

At Housesteads Fort many boards supply information about the fort and its life.

The wall arrives:-

Hadrian's Wall Arrives at Housesteads Fort

Fort Entrance:-

Housesteads Fort, Entrance

Headquarters building:-

Inside Housesteads Fort

The commanding officer’s house:-

Commanding Officer's House, Housesteads Fort

On eof the problems at Housesteads was the water supply. The fort is built on the crest of a hill with no nearby water source. They had to make do with rain water or cart water from a stream fairly far off.

Food was less of a problem:-

Food Supply at Housesteads Fort

Bread for the troops:-

Housesteads Fort, Bread for the Troops

Mediterranean style:-

Mediterranean Style, Housesteads Fort

Changes over the years:-

Changes at Housesteads Fort

The vicus. Buildings outside the fort:-

The Vicus, Housesteads Fort, Hadrian's Wall

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