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Roughcastle Roman Fort, Antonine Wall (ii)

Defensive ditch to north of Roughcastle Fort:-

Roughcastle Roman Fort, Part of Antonine Wall

Defensive Ditch at Roughcastle Roman Fort

Roughcastle Roman Fort, Antonine Wall

Defensive pits:-

Defensive Pits at Roughcastle Roman Fort

Views of fort remains:-

Part of Roughcastle Roman Fort

Roughcastle Roman Fort Site

Burn to west of Roughcastle Fort. Antonine Wall to right:-

Burn to West of Roughcastle Roman Fort


Antonine Wall above Roughcastle Tunnel

I mentioned in an earlier post, about the Falkirk Wheel, that the boat trip through the Roughcastle Tunnel takes you under the Antonine Wall.

It’s only a short walk uphill from the Tunnel’s entrance to some remains of the wall. Unlike its perhaps more famous counterpart further south, the stone built Hadrian’s Wall, the Antonine Wall was only ever a turfed barrier with a ditch. It’s all overgrown now:-

Part of Antonine Wall

Antonine Wall (Part)

Ditch at Antonine Wall

Antonine Wall Ditch

Information board:-

Antonine Wall at Falkirk Information Board

Falkirk Wheel Aqueduct

The walk up towards the Antonine Wall above the Roughcastle Tunnel gave us a great view of the aqueduct we had just traveled on:-

Falkirk Wheel Aqueduct

A subsequent boat was making the trip:-

Falkirk Wheel Aqueduct + Boat

Aqueduct from other side (stitch of two photos):-

Falkirk Wheel Aqueduct

Roughcastle Tunnel Entrance from Falkirk Wheel side. Note “traffic” light:-

Roughcastle Tunnel Entrance

Falkirk Wheel Trip Turn Round Point

Emerging from the Roughcastle Tunnel leads the boat into a canal basin which has a lock connecting to the Union Canal. the lock is too small to allow the Falkirk Wheel’s boats through:-

Falkirk Wheel, Basin and Lock  Beyond Roughcastle Tunnel

Roughcastle Tunnel entrance from basin:-

Falkirk Wheel Ride, Roughcastle Tunnel from Basin

Closer view showing aqueduct beyond:-

Roughcastle Tunnel South Entrance

Boat approaching Roughcastle Tunnel from Falkirk Wheel:-

I shot the above video from the path which leads to the Antonine Wall above the Roughcastle Tunnel, from where there is a view towards the aqueduct:-

Falkirk Wheel Aqueduct from Antonine Wall



Falkirk Wheel Trip Videos

On boat:-


Leaving wheel to approach Roughcastle Tunnel:-

On wheel while it rotated:-

Wheel arm rotating:-

Trip on Falkirk Wheel

Our previous visit to the Falkirk Wheel was in 2015. I posted about it here.

In April we visited again but this time took a trip on the wheel.

On boat:-

On Falkirk Wheel

Wheel mechanism from boat:-

Falkirk Wheel Mechanism

The wheel’s arch:-

Falkirk Wheel Arch

The trip involves a journey through the Roughcastle Tunnel (which goes under the Antonine Wall!):-

Falkirk Wheel: In Roughcastle Tunnel

The lights in the tunnel change colour_

Falkirk Wheel, Lights in Roughcastle Tunnel

Tunnel exit:-

Falkirk Wheel, About to Exit Roughcastle Tunnel 3

View from Wheel:-




Wealso stopped off at Wetherby, which we have visited before. I featured its War Memorial here, but took more photos this time


War Memorial, Wetherby

Great War dedication “In honour and everlasting memory of the men of Wetherby who fell in the Great War 1914-1918” and name plaques:-


Great War Dedication and Name Plaques, War Memorial, Wetherby

Wetherby War Memorial

World War 2 Dedication and name plaques:-

World War 2 Dedication and Name Plaques, Wetherby War Memorial

The River Wharfe was quite high when we visited in 2014. It was much lower this time. The last time we couldn’t see the weir! Note the metal salmon leaping from just below the wheel:-

Weir on River Wharfe at Wetherby




Thirsk is a town in North Yorkshire. We’d never visited before so dropped in on our way back up from Knaresborough and Harrogate.

The Clock Tower in the market place was decorated for Remembrance Day:-

Clock Tower, Thirsk

I spotted the Ritz Cinema:-

Ritz Cinema, Thirsk

And this nice bridge over the Cod Beck:-

Bridge, Thirsk

Tadcaster War Memorial

Tadcaster is a town in North Yorkshire. Its War Memorial is a white stone pillar on an octagonal base and surmounted by a cross. In the background is one of Tadcaster’s three breweries:-

Tadcaster War Memorial

Memorial from side, showing carvings:-

War Memorial, Tadcaster

Dedications: “In honour of the men of Tadcaster who gave their lives that others might live in freedom. 1914-1919. See ye to it that their names are not forgotten.”
“In honour of those men who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War 1939 – 1945.” Name plaques for both World Wars:-

Tadcaster War Memorial Dedications and Name Plaques

More name plaques:-

Name Plaques, War Memorial, Tadcaster

Tadcaster War Memorial Dedications and Name Plaques

War Memorial, Tadcaster, Name Plaques

Great War Name Plaques, War Memorial, Tadcaster

Garden of Remembrance, Tadcaster War Memorial:-

Garden of Remembrance, Tadcaster War Memorial


Carving, Tadcaster War Memorial

War Memorial, Tadcaster, Carvings.

Tadcaster War Memorial Carvings

Harrogate War Memorial

Harrogate is a town in West Yorkshire. We visited it in Novemeber 2022. Its War Memorial is a huge tapering stone obelisk on a square base in the monumenatl municipal style. It lies by the main A 61 road through the town.

War Memorial, Harrogate

Dedication. “Our Glorious Dead, 1914-1918, 1939-1945”:-

Dedication, Harrogate War Memorial

Side views:-

Harrogate War Memorial

War Memorial, Harrogate

Frieze of bugler:-

Frieze, Harrogate War Memorial

Frieze of Victory:-

Harrogate War Memorial Frieze

Great War Names:-

Harrogate War Memorial, Great War Names

Names for both World Wars:-

Harrogate War Memorial, Names

Poppy Crosses by Harrogate War Memorial:-

Poppy Crosses by Harrogate War Memorial

VC Recipients Plaque, below Harrogate War Memorial:-

VC Recipients Plaque, Harrogate War Memorial

Poppies for Remembrance, outside Betty’s Tea Rooms, Harrogate:-

Poppies for Remembrance, Harrogate

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