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Art Deco in Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway

Newton Stewart used to be in Wigtownshire but that was later subsumed into the larger Dumfries and Galloway region.

Cinema. It is just known as The Cinema:-

Cinema, Newton Stewart

Detail of entrance:-

Cinema Detail, Newton Stewart

The Galloway Arms Hotel, Newton Stewart, is a bit worse for wear but the detailing on the canopy has deco touches:-

Galloway Arms Hotel, Newton Stewart


Canopy Detail, Galloway Arms Hotel, Newton Stewart

Mini Kelpies, Kirkcudbright

A small model of The Kelpies in Kirkcudbright. The originals are in Falkirk at The Helix. Bridge over River Dee in background.

Small Kelpies at Kirkcudbright

Side view:-

Kirkcudbright Kelpies

Just along from the minin Kelpies is a memorial, “In memory of loved ones lost at sea.”

Kirkcudbright Memorial to Those Lost  at Sea

Kirkcudbright Harbour

The harbour and River Dee at Kirkcudbright are very picturesque. Many artists have made the town a base. The quality of the light is supposed to be particularly good.

Town and harbour from bridge over River Dee:-

Kirkcudbright and Harbour From Bridge over River Dee

Harbour from part of town:-

Kirkcudbright Harbour

River Dee looking seawards from town:-

Kirkcudbright Harbour and River Dee

River Dee looking towards Solway Firth :-

River Dee from Kirkcudbright

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 49: Kirkcudbright

I found two Art Deco styled buildings in Kirkcudbright. There was one I didn’t though. I’ll save that for a later post.

Here are the two I found.

First the Co-op:-

Art Deco Co-op, Kirkcudbright

The former Post Office:

Former Post Office, Kirkcudbright


Detail, Post Office, Kirkcudbright

Kirkcudbright War Memorial and MacLellan’s Castle

Kirkcudbright’s War Memorial is situated by the main road through the town just in front of MacLellan’s Castle.

MacLellan's Castle and War Memorial, Kirkcudbright

The memorial takes the form of a seated soldier with sword and shield protecting a sleeping child.

Left side view. Names are for the Great War:-

War Memorial, Kirkcudbright

Front view, lower plaque commemorates World War 2:-

War Memorial, Kirkcudbright

Right side view. Again Great War names:-

War Memorial, Kirkcudbright

Another view of MacLellan’s Castle:-

MacLellan's Castle, Kirkcudbright

Bridge over River Dee, Kirkcudbright.

Kirkcudbright (pronounced kir-could-bri) is a town in Dumfries and Galloway, though before local government reorganisation its county was Wigtown and Kirkcudbright.

The river Dee runs by the town and there is a rather lovely bridge over it.

Bridge Over the Dee, Kirkcudbright

Wider view:-

Bridge on River Dee, Kirkcudbright

I was looking for a building that no longer exists and wandered across the bridge in the search and so found this plaque:-

Bridge Plaque, River Dee, Kirkcudbright

Bridge from Kirkcudbright harbour:-

Bridge over River Dee from Harbour, Kirkcudbrightaharbour and bridge 1

Wider view again:-

River Dee Bridge from Harbour, Kirkcudbright

Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney (iv)

The big former oil tank at Lyness now houses a large video screen showing films about Scapa Flow and the ships which once used it, plus several exhibits of large(ish) military machinery.

A troop carrier with US markings and searchlight in background:-

Troop Carrier, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney

A DUKW (or Duck) + Crane:-

DUKW + Crane, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney

Wheeled anti-aircraft gun. Not the best photo I’ve ever taken:-

Anti-aircraft Gun, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney

Signs outside pointed to an air-raid shelter. We followed them to the entrance:-

Emtrance to Air-raid Shelter, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney

It was quite extensive inside. This is a view of the corridor:-

Air-raid Shelter Corridor, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney

I suppose the rooms may have been furnished with chairs or bunks but they don’t look very prepossessing now:-

Air-raid Shelter "Room", Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney

Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney (iii)

Interior exhibits. On entering there is a display of photographs of ships in Scapa Flow and pieces of naval equipment/relics from both World Wars.

There was also a model of Scapa Flow showing dispositions of the interned German High Seas Fleet ships after WW1 but before the Grand Scuttle.

Island of Hoy to right, Fara left middle, Flotta towards top:-

Model of Scapa Flow, Lyness Naval Museum

Island of Hoy to bottom left, Rysa Little to bottom right, Fara top middle:-

More of Model of Scapa Flow, Lyness Naval Museum

Island of Hoy to bottom (Lyness to right,) Fara in middle ground, Rysa Little to left. Flotta top right:-

Model of Scapa Flow, Lyness Naval Museum

A naval torpedo, part cutaway:-

Torpedo, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy

A typical 1930s room:-

1930s room

Compton Mackenzie‘s battledress! Apparently he owned a couple of the Orkney islands, was stationed there and donated this uniform:-

Comptom Mackenzie's Battle-dress

Church Army Rest Hut sign. This was above the present day café inside which we had a very nice cake and coffee. It was done out in 1940s style. Unfortunately it was so well patronised I felt unable to take a photo. I had meant to go back for one but the ferry departure time crept up on us before I could:-

Church Army Sign

Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney (ii)

More external exhibits at Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney.

A naval mine:-

Naval Mine, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney

Oil pipes:-

Oil Pipes, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney

A propeller from HMS Hampshire:-

Propeller HMS Hampshire

The last remaining oil tank at Lyness. Now houses museum exhibits:-

Oil Tank, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney

Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney (i)

The Scapa Flow Visitor Centre and Museum is almost directly ahead of you as you disembark from the ferry at Lyness, Hoy.

It’s not very prepossessing from the outside but is packed with exhibits relating to the miltary use of Scapa Flow in the two World Wars.

Scapa Flow Visitor Centre

Several naval guns lie in the forecourt:-

Naval Gun , Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy

Gun, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy

Third Gun, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney.

Fourth Gun, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney.

Fifth Gun,Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney.

You’ll see in the first picture two information boards. This board relates to the complex as a whole:-

Information Board,Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney.

Also exterior to the main museum is this example of anti-torpedo netting:-

Anti-Torpedo Netting, Lyness Naval Museum, Hoy, Orkney

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