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St Petersburg (ii)

A bridge on the Neva (Troitskiy Bridge?):-

St Petersburg, Bridge on River Neva

Sampsoniyevskiy Bridge on Bolshaya Nevka, St Petersburg:-

Bridge on Bolshaya Nevka, St Petersburg,

Building and Sampsoniyevskiy Bridge on Bolshaya Nevka:

Building and Bridge on Bolshaya Nevka,St Petersburg

Weaponry and, below, military vehicles, outside a military museum (of artillery.) Seen through rainy bus windows.

Weaponry, St Petersburg,

Military Vehicles, St Petersburg,

An old sailing ship alongside the Petrovskaya Embankment:-

An Old Sailing Ship, St Petersburg

The same ship from the Kutuzov Embankment across the River Neva. There is what looks to be a mosque in the background here:-

Ferry and Old Sailing Ship, St Petersburg

Goodbye to Copenhagen

I know the Little Mermaid is Copenhagen’s most well known (iconic?) site but the good lady and I didn’t bother seeking it out as we’d both seen it already many moons ago before we’d even met. The adjective “little” is highly apposite, by the way.

What I did notice as we made our way back onto Langelinie Pier was a statue of a polar bear with two cubs:-

Statue of Three Bears, Copenhagen

Statue of Polar Bear with Two Cubs

And so back to the ship – which was always referred to on the PA system as “the beautiful” Magellan. (There was another, larger, block-of-flats type cruise ship berthed immediately in front of her):-

SS Magellan

Posters and Brochures, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

The entrance display room to the Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee, displays advertising posters from the earliest liner eras up to the time when they were replaced by air travel.

My eye was mostly taken by classic Art Deco ones such as this for an Italian shipping line:-

Art Deco Poster, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

Not to mention the classic SS Normandie:-

SS Normandie poster

And the SS Empress of Britain:-

Empress of Britain Poster

This brochure is from the NYK line:-

Art Deco Brochure, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

These are pages illustrating the high life of ocean liner travel:-

Art Deco Brochure Illustrations, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

Finally and not Art Deco, the cover of a brochure for the QE2, whose first voyage down the Clyde to take her sea-trials we were all given a day off school to witness. Even then everyone knew there would never be such a ship built on the Clyde again:-

QE 2 Brochure, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

HMS Queen Elizabeth and Isle of May

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the Royal Navy’s latest aircraft carrier. (That’s the one there’s not enough money to fit out with any aircraft.)

She sailed out from her fitting out at Rosyth in the Firth of Forth for her sea trials in June 2017. We happened to be in Cellardyke, Fife that day and caught a glimpse of her near the Isle of May.

HMS Queen Elizabeth (yacht in front) and the Isle of May from Cellardyke Harbour:-

HMS Queen Elizabeth and the Isle of May

HMS Queen Elizabeth and Isle of May closer view:-

HMS Elizabeth and Isle of May

HMS Queen Elizabeth closer view:-

HMS Queen Elizabeth

Isle of May:-

Isle of May, Firth of Forth

HMS Queen Elizabeth and another ship:-

HMS Queen Elizabeth on Sea Trials

Orkney Ferries

We made the crossing to Orkney from Gills Bay in Caithness via the Pentland Ferries’ catamaran the Pentalina. It skelped along at a fair pace:-


Landfall was at St Margaret’s Hope, South Ronaldsay, the third largest settlement in Orkney:

St Margaret's Hope,  South Ronaldsay, Orkney

Closer view of the town:-

St Margaret's Hope, South Ronaldsay Closer View

This is the Northlink Ferries’ ship Hamnavoe in Hoy Sound on its way from Stromness to Scrabster:-

Hamnavoe in Hoy Sound

This video (click on picture to get to my flickr to play it) shows the Hamnavoe steaming through Hoy sound with Hoy in background. Unfortunately I zoomed in and as a result the focus went awry:-

Hamnavoe in Hoy Sound

New Aircraft Carrier

We were along the Fife coast a fortnight or so ago; at Limekilns where there is a good view of Rosyth Dockyard and the Forth Bridges.

Currently fitting out at the dockyard is the new Royal Navy aircraft carrier – the one there won’t be any planes for once it is completed. Both bridges are in the background.

Oil Rig in Firth of Forth

The rig has been off Kirkcaldy for about a week now. I can’t find out anything about it on the net beyond its presence.

Does anybody know if there’s an oil rig location website similar to, which is for ships?

Grasmere and Windermere, Cumbria

You could be forgiven for thinking I had gone to the Lake District and not visited any lakes, but of course I did.

En route to Cockermouth we passed Bassenthwaite Lake which is large but flat looking if you know what I mean.

We passed Thirlmere, a pretty enough lake but nothing spectacular, in order to visit Grasmere, lake and village, where we sampled the “famous Grasmere gingerbread.”

We also climbed up to Allan Bank, a house which William Wordsworth once rented.

Allan Bank, Grasmere

From the left hand side of the house as seen above I took three photos of the lake and village, stitched into the one below.


The lake itself is little more than a puddle but the village is a delightful wee place.

Then onwards, up and over from the A591 to the A592 a very steep ascent giving me the opportunity to photograph Lake Windermere. Again a stitch (of two this time.)

Lake Windermere

We then kept on up the A592 travelling almost the full length of Ullswater – which is impressive, if not quite as magnificent as most Scottish fresh-water lochs. Particularly appealing were the tourist pleasure boats plying the lake, reminding me of the Loch Lomond of my youth and a trip to Loch Katrine about 12 years ago. It was raining by that time though and we didn’t stop. Perhaps next time.

Island Enforcer

This is the Island Enforcer, moored off Kirkcaldy for a few days at the end of October. On the shipping websites she is described as an offshore construction vessel. She is not quite as Swiss Army Knife in looks as the Solitaire or Audacia of fond memory but still has some weird sticky out bits.

The first description I found of her was as a diving ship and I thought, “Isn’t that a submarine?” but she has been redesigned for offshore work.

Island Enforcer

More images of her can be found here.

M S Rotterdam and M S Troms Capella

Two more ships and an old favourite.

This is the cruise ship M S Rotterdam heading out of the River Forth last week en route to Invergordon! Apparently 100,000 cruise passengers dock at Invergordon every year, which is somewhat baffling. One of my work colleagues comes from Invergordon (as often as possible.)

M S Rotterdam in the Firth of Forth

This is the Rotterdam in the Netherlands six years ago (photo from Wikipedia.)

M S Rotterdam

Just off Dysart is the rather rakish from of the cargo ship M S Troms Capella. She’s been hanging around for well over a week.

M S Troms Capella

Here’s our old friend Solitaire from the same vantage point above Dysart harbour that I photographed the Troms Capella.

SS Solitaire from Dysart

Behind her stern that’s North Berwick Law on the opposite shore.

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