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Something Changed 13: The Life of Riley

Another decade ticked over and The Lightning Seeds got even better.

I remember this song as being the musical background to a montage of football clips on the BBC’s Saturday lunchtime Football Focus when it was a part of Grandstand (remember that?) but I may be confusing it with Bruce Hornby (and the Range)’s The Way It Is as Wiki has The Life of Riley as the theme set behind Match of the Day’s Goal of the Month.

Whatever, it’s another piece of joyful pop.

The Lightning Seeds: The Life of Riley

Something Changed 12: Put the Message in the Box

Yet another song from 1990.

World Party: Put the Message in the Box

Something Changed 11: ‘74-‘75

One from the mid-90s this time. Apparently this was a much bigger hit in Europe (no 14 in the UK) than in the US.

The Connells – ‘74-‘75

Something Changed 10: Everybody Hurts

For all Sons fans who were feeling down after last Sunday.

REM: Everybody Hurts

Something Changed 9: Groovy Train

For some reason a lot of my posts in this category so far seem to come from 1990. This is The Farm’s first big hit. I have previously posted their biggest, All Together Now, in another context.

The Farm: Groovy Train

Something Changed 8: Is It Like Today?

Another 90s song that alludes to the Apollo programme.

World Party: Is It Like Today?

Something Changed 7: 7 Seconds

This was the first (the only?) song with lyrics sung in the language of Wolof to be a hit in the UK. It possibly helped that Neneh Cherry’s contribution to it was sung in English. N’Dour sings in three languages in total as he also threw French into the mix.

Youssou N’Dour featuring Neneh Cherry: 7 Seconds

Something Changed 6: Sleeping Satellite

Another 90s song inspired by the Apollo Programme.

It’s a pity that Tasmin Archer’s career somewhat fizzled out.

Tasmin Archer: Sleeping Satellites

Something Changed 5: Saturn 5

The organ on this has a very retro early- to mid-60s sound. Not quite appropriate for the subject matter as the rocket it was named for was a late 60s early 70s machine.

Inspiral Carpets: Saturn 5

Something Changed 4: Hello

A song packed full of cultural references from around 1990.

I especially liked the line, “Leslie Crowther, Come On Down.”

The Beloved: Hello

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