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Inadvertent Dieting

I mentioned not long after I started blogging that I had been on a diet. (The relevant post is the only other one in this category.)

Well I put back some of the 20 lbs I had lost (too many you could say) and as a result I again became careful with what I ate.

However, over the past fortnight, due to upheavals at Son of the Rock Towers, meals have had to be snatched so I have been dieting inadvertently and am now as slim as I can ever remember.


Since before I started this blog, June 2008 in fact, I have been on a diet. The early few pounds fell off easily. Progress then slowed but I persevered. Up until Christmas I had managed to lose nearly 1½ stones (20 lbs to be precise) to end up around the lower border for reasonable weight for my height as opposed to the upper border. As a result few of my trousers now fit properly and a belt has become a necessity. I suspect I am slimmer than I have ever been since I became an adult. I feel much better for it.

There was no great secret to it, no magic bullet to losing weight. I merely ate sensibly and more or less normally, but cut down – no nibbles between meals – and went for walks over an hour long nearly every day. One of the local parks is just over the railway from Son Of The Rock Towers and is almost ideal for walking – there is also an incline to negotiate on the circuit of the park. Kirkcaldy promenade is handy too, and over a mile long (Kirkcaldy is not called the Lang Toun for nothing,) but you sometimes have to dodge the waves fountaining over the sea wall when it’s a bit wild, or even when it’s relatively calm!

One of the main contributors to cutting down was having only one sandwich for lunch at work instead of two. Changing to a smaller lunch box helped with this.

The trick will be not to get back into the old eating habits when I stop dieting, which I haven’€™t really, (stopped dieting that is.) But Christmas and New Year won’€™t have helped.

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