Latest from Kirkcaldy Promenade

Latest phase of work. Drilling out the old wall on the north part of the Prom. Taken 19/2/14.

This second one was today. Top mostly drilled out.

Rock Moving, Kirkcaldy Promenade

I haven’t posted any photos of the works at Kirkcaldy Prom recently. Either the wind has been too high and we didn’t fancy a walk along the prom or the tide has been in when we’ve been down there.

These are from about a month ago when they were moving rocks along the sea front.

Truck moving north along sea shore.

Returning truck with bow-wave.

Depositing load.

View of works.

Progress on Kirkcaldy Promenade

New sea wall; photo taken by poking the camera through a fence:- Taken on November 27th

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 20

A gap in the new sea wall. I presume there will be access to the shore from here when it’s all done:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 21

The new sea wall looking south:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 22

The new sea wall looking north:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 23

Trench digging, presumably to provide better seating for the stones:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 24

Pneumatic drilling to demolish an old concrete groyne:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 25

Drilling again – from other side of groyne. Nice clouds of dust!:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 26

Kirkcaldy Promenade 24/10/13

Since I last posted about this there seems to have been little new work done at the north end or centre of the prom. This is more or less the same view as last time but the tide was out when I took this.

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 19

More Kirkcaldy Promenade

These are the works at the southern end of Kirkcaldy promenade. It’s difficult to photograph as the prom has been blocked off. I had to balance the camera on top of a fence to get this. You can just about make out parts of the new sea wall below the crane.

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 14

A closer view of the southern end works, taken through a gap in the fence.

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 15

Sections of the new sea wall ready for positioning. Behind them at the right it looks like rubble – possibly from the old sea wall.

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 16

This view back towards the south shows some rocks have been placed in the sea here too. Also the crane as before and the new sections of sea-wall to the right on the grass.

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 17

Kirkcaldy Promenade Update

Tide in, dull grey day. Dreich even. Taken on Oct 3rd.

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 8

Below is the view ca 180o from my previous photo. Rocks have been placed against the sea-wall here too as well as further out.

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 9

It doesn’t seem to have stopped the waves crashing over the wall though. (But these were taken of the wall a wee bit further down.)

Waves Breaking over Kirkcaldy Promenade

Waves over Kirkcaldy Promenade

Waves, Kirkcaldy Promenade

There’s also an interesting effect when the waves rebound from the wall and hit incoming ones.

Waves Rebounding from Kirkcaldy Sea Wall

Kirkcaldy Promenade Improvements

Work started about a month ago to improve Kirkcaldy Promenade – partly to stop the sea-wall falling down and partly to develop it I think. The whole south end is now out of bounds to pedestrians. I started taking photos on Sep 21st. This is the nearer of the works to the town centre. Rocks have been dumped onto the sand here.

Kirkcaldy Promenade Improvements

Three days later, more dumped rocks, this time a bit further out:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 1

After a gap the line is extended futher north:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 2

JCB at work moving rocks into a dump truck:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 3

Dump truck moving sandwards:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 4

Dump truck negotiating already dumped rocks:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 5

Dump truck dumping rocks onto the sand:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 6

Three more days later. Rocks up against sea-wall. There seems to have been a shallow trench dug first:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 7

Kirkcaldy Promenade

Despite being on the North side of the Forth estuary Kirkcaldy promenade is aligned almost North-South as the coastline takes a sharp bend northwards after Kinghorn. This is a photo of the prom from the north end (looking south-westish.)

Kirkcaldy Promenade

Boring isn’t it?

There is a dual carriageway road which goes along the whole frontage just to the right of this picture. Perfect for boy racers. They put in one of those “Your Speed Is …. mph” displays a few years ago. Nothing like encouraging them!

I noticed on Saturday, though, that a couple of pedestrian crossings have been erected on the first third which could break up the flow.

There is not a shop on the whole front. (Well, there’s a funeral director’s beside the car park over the road about halfway along. Also a pet shop [now closed] which used to be a sports shop, and before that an ironmonger’s, but that’s really in Tollbooth Street not on the prom.)

The sea wall was built in the 1920s to relieve unemployment. They could be doing with renewing it and for the same reason.

Here’s the plaque commemoraring it.

Plaque on Sea Wall.

For a bit of relief, though, here’s proof that Kirkcaldy is, after all, a Fife seaside town.

Malcolm's Wynd

Malcolm’s Wynd, with its steep steps, is more typical of somewhere like Pittenweem or Crail. You can imagine sailors in olden days rolling down towards the harbour to catch their sailing.

Promenade Works Again

The northernmost aspect on 16/10/2013. Tide in, no work being carried out.

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 18

Kirkcaldy’€™s Art Deco Heritage 2. The Fire Station.

Kirkcaldy Fire Station facade

This is in a much more restrained Art Deco style than Kirkcaldy Ice Rink. There are rather more horizontal than vertical aspects to the overall look here but there is some interplay.

Kirkcaldy Fire Station from access road

There also seems to have been some sort of an attempt to cohere with the Scottish vernacular architecture of the East Coast.

I think it actually looks better from the side and back where the bricks are painted red to match the detailing instead of being, well, brick coloured as at the front.

This rear view shows off the Scottish style chimney stacks. Note the pink painting on the railings of the balconies as at the front.

Kirkcaldy Fire Station rear

Kirkcaldy Fire Station tower

The tower is quite prominent from parts of Kirkcaldy’s promenade and the higher areas in the town.

This fire station is a more striking building than its equivalent in Dunfermline which has a white and grey finish and lacks much of the fine detailing seen here.

Kirkcaldy Fire Station Fire Service symbol

I love the stylised fire service symbol on the metal rails above the left hand door. It’s almost socialist realism but not quite.

Kirkcaldy Fire Station Kirkcaldy crest

This other detail, above the right hand door, is found on Kirkcaldy’s town crest. The wee man is apparently St Bryce, Kirkcaldy’s patron saint. I didn’t know the town had a patron saint until I looked up the town crest!

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