Inverkeithing, Fife

Just before the first Covid lockdown we visited with a friend the ancient town of Inverkeithing in Fife. We’d passed through it many times, even making purchases there. However we’d never taken a really close look. It has some interesting features.

Inverkeithing Mercat Cross:-

Inverkeithing Mercat Cross

Mercat Cross, Inverkeithing

Inverkeithing Mercat Cross Plaque

A short history of the town:-

Inverkeithing History

This is the lintel mentioned in that history above. The inscription reads, “God’s providence is my inheritance”:-

Lintel in Inverkeithing. From 1688

Lintels like this were commonly placed above the doors of houses built for newly married couples, usually with their initials and the date of the marriage. This one is more elaborate than most. “IT. BT. Except the Lord build the house they labour in vain that built it.”:-

A Marriage Lintel, Inverkeithing

For a time the explorer David Livingston lived in the town – in Moffat Cottage:-

Moffat Cottage, David Livingston's House, Inverkeithing

Plaque on David Livingston's House, Inverkeithing

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