Reading Room, Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden

We were told Gladstone read about 300 books a year. They know this because he made notes on them.

That’s almost one a day! Substantial books too. And he managed all that while he was Prime Minister.

There are books on lots of subjects in the Reading Room of Gladstone’s Library which also contains his cabinet, housing objects he held in special regard.

Gladstone’s Cabinet, Reading Room upper floor railings and windows:-

Gladstone's Cabinet, Gladstone’s Library

From right hand side + windows and upper floor of Reading Room:-

Gladstone's cabinet and Reading Room windows

Contents of Gladstone’s Cabinet:-

Contents of Gladstone's Cabinet, Gladstone’s Library

Gladstone's Cabinet Contents 2

Ceiling of Reading Room:-

Gladstone’s Library Reading Room Ceiling

Lower floor, with view of upper gallery:-

reading room lower floor

Stairs to upper floor:-

reading room lower stairs

Gladstone’s Cabinet from upper floor of Reading Room (plus a beardie bloke reading a periodical):-

Reading Room and Gladstone's Cabinet, Gladstone’s Library

Lower Floor from upper floor:-

Reading Room, Gladstone’s Library, Upper and Lower Floors

Upper floor and part of vaulted ceiling:-

Gladstone's Library, reading room ceiling supports

Upper floor:-

Upper Floor, Gladstone’s Library Reading Room

Upper floor bookshelves. (The library has its own idiosyncratic cataloguing system – devised by Gladstone as I recall):-

Reading Room, Gladstone’s Library, Upper Floor

areading room book shelves

Gladstone’s Library Reading Room Upper Floor

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