SF Bookshelf Travelling for Insane Times (iii)

Another for Judith Reader in the Wilderness‘s meme.

This week, the remainder of my SF hardbacks. Click pictures to enlarge them.

More Ian McDonald, China MiƩville, Christopher Priest, Keith Roberts, Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert Silverberg, a book of Art Deco posters which fits in nowhere else.

Science Fiction Hardbacks (iii)

On another shelf entirely, standing next to the above. This contains books by my not so secret SF vice, Harry Turtledove, plus one Gene Wolfe, among others. Above, on its side, is a book containing illustrated Bernie Taupin lyrics for early Elton John songs:-

Science Fiction Hardbacks (iv)

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  1. tracybham

    Two authors I would like to try someday: Kim Stanley Robinson and China Mieville. I have (unread) The City and the City by Mieville, but nothing yet by Robinson. I see that you have reviews for books by both of them here so I will go read them. But if you have particular recommendations, I would be interested.

  2. jackdeighton

    Both authors are worth reading but some of their books are better than others. Robinson’s “Galileo’s Dream” I thought very good indeed when it dealt with Galileo. Mieville can be a bit more hard going at times.
    You’ll get more of a flavour from my reviews though.

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