Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 44 (ii) Montrose Again

I was up at Montrose again last summer and wandered the town centre a bit further coming across these three buildings. The middle block here may be 1950s but the left one has the Art Deco style:-

Art Deco Shop, Montrose

That left-hand one has Critall style upper windows, still. The marble effect round the shop windows with the geometric line design also has the look:-

Montrose, Art Deco

This is entrance to the Ladbroke’s I pictured in my first Montrose Art Deco post. Lovely Art Deco detailing here:-

Art Deco Shop Entrance Montrose

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  1. Jon

    This is nice.. do you have an address for this deco shop front?
    I found this site after finding out that the Central Cafe in the high street had been demolished, I’m struggling to find any history of that building and it’s frontage.

  2. jackdeighton

    Google Maps has this building as 71 Murray Street – or 58 Murray Street if you shift the view a fraction. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the Central Cafe.
    Thanks for looking in.

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