Wenlock Priory

Wandering about Much Wenlock we saw signs to Wenlock Priory which is also known as St Milburga’s Priory.

It’s a ruin now, in the hands of English Heritage, but still quite impressive.

Wenlock  Priory Board

As you go in you walk past this ruined building. Photo taken looking back:-

Ruined Part of Wenlock Priory

This is the other main ruined building with a more modern structure also in the picture:-

Wenlock Priory

Through the archways seen above:-

Part of Wenlock Priory, Much Wenlock, Shropshire

One of the walls is highly decorative:-

Wenlock Priory

A reverse view:-

Ruined Buildings, Wenlock Priory

To left of above:-

enlock Priory Building

Priory with topiary in front:-

Wenlock Priory

Topiary animals:-

Topiary Animals, Wenlock Priory

Topiary animal:-

MoreTopiary, Wenlock Priory

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