Rochdale Town Hall Interior

I meant to photograph the Minton foor tiles in Rochdale Town Hall’s foyer but there were people making it difficult to get the whole pattern in, both when we entered and on the way out so I didn’t. They are beautifully set into large squares whose perimeters contain various royal mottos such as “Dieu et Mon Droit” (used by the UK monarch outwith Scotland) and “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit” the ancient one of the Scottish kings usually uttered in Scots as “Wha daur meddle wi’ me?” or as I translated into Glaswegian to our friends from Rochdale who’d taken us there, “Don’t mess wi’ me, pal.”

A small portion of the tiled floor can be seen in my photo of the staircase in my Rochdale Town Hall, Stained Glass post. Other images can be found here.

The ground floor vaulted ceiling is a bit Islamesque:-

Rochdale Town Hall Interior 1

One of the function rooms has a magnificent hammer beam ceiling:-

Rochdale Town Hall interior

Along with decoration:-

Ceiling in Rochdale Town Hall

And a similarly magnificent fireplace:-

Rochdale Town Hall fireplace

Wood panelling on the walls:-

Interior, Rochdale Town Hall

Wall decoration:-

Wall Decoration Rochdale Town Hall

I liked these internal doors:-

Internal Doors, Rochdale Town Hall

And the old signage:-

Old Signage Rochdale Town Hall

There’s even decoration in the corridor to the toilets:-

Rochdale Town Hall, Corridor to Toilets

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