Shades of Fascism

Anyone with a sense of history might not have avoided shivers of apprehension on witnessing the Inauguration speech Donald Trump gave today.

Quite apart from the fact his hand gestures resemble those of Benito Mussolini, his invocation of the term “America First” has historical resonance as that was the name of an organisation which sought to prevent the US from becoming involved in what was then a European war during 1940 and 1941. That would have been an admirable objective if only some of its leaders and many of its adherents had not articulated views which were anti-semitic.

If the new US President did not know the baggage which the phrase America First brings with it, he ought to have done and then avoided saying it. If he did know, what does that say about him?

I heard Mr Trump also say words to the effect that crime, gangs, drugs, unemployment etc stop right now. Good luck with that endeavour.

I wonder what his reaction is going to be to the first (and subsequent) High School shooting(s) that occur(s) under his Presidency will be, for history shows they will come.

I note with sadness that protests against his inauguration did not all remain peaceful. I am afraid that violence will only beget violence and will be used as an excuse to institute controls on any sort of protest. In this regard I fear an event which will be a Reichstag Fire moment, seized on and taken advantage of either by him or the people behind him.

In the weeks since his coming to electoral prominence I have increasingly come to think of him as T Ronald Dump – as that, I am afraid, is what he is about to do on us all.

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