Queensferry Crossing (i)

Queensferry Crossing is the name of the New Forth Road Bridge, now under construction. Personally I think they ought to have embraced the pun and called it the Fifth Bridge since there are now two bridges at Kincardine-on-Forth plus the Forth Bridge (the rail bridge) and the Road Bridge.

I started taking photographs in October 2014 but haven’t got round to posting them till now. The first three are from the North Queensferry side.

This is a support pillar for the carriageway on the north side:-

New Forth Road Bridge 2

The northern cable stay tower:-

New Forth Road Bridge 1

Centre and southern cable stay towers:-

New Forth Road Bridge 3

These three are from the South Queensferry end.

South support pillars and bridge starting to be winched out. Note temporary cable stay arrangement:-

New Forth Road Bridge 4

All three cable stay towers:-

New Forth Road Bridge 5

Original Forth Road Bridge plus new crossing’s centre and north cable stay towers:-

New Forth Road Bridge 6

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