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My Second Jay

While in Surhuisterveen we spotted a house with a viking ship for a weathervane. The house itself has a distinctive style. I like the railings on the balcony.

While manoeuvering to get a better shot of the weathervane than we had originally we saw a jay on the roof. My second jay! It’s perched on the thatch just above the window.

It moved to the edge of the roof and I got this shot.

Here’s a close-up of the weathervane.

What a great thing to have on your roof.

Geese on the River Wharfe, Wetherby

We made a further stop on the first day on the way down to the Holland ferry. At Wetherby.

There’s a nicely situated car park hard by the River Wharfe.

There were geese on the river.

A Jay

Until this perched on my fence I had never seen a jay before. They’re not very common around here. Before I could photograph it it flew off to my next door neighbour’s fence so it’s a bit blurry.

Red Deer Close(ish) Encounter

Three photos taken from our back bedroom window.

Again the good lady nicked two of them first.

By the time of the third I’d opened the window and the hind was well aware we were watching her.

This Year’s Brood

After our move to pastures new on April 4th the good lady and I finally made it back for a look at Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy on June 1st.

The swans look to have four cygnets this year. (They may have had more and lost some but it was almost two months since we’d been at the park so wouldn’t know about that.)

Two Deer

Photographed on Tuesday from a back window in my new house in a part of Balbirnie Woods adjacent to the golf course (Balbirnie Golf Club.)

This one looks like a stag.

The good lady nicked the cropped photo:-

This one may be a hind but it was twisting round so it was difficult to tell.

Two Herons

Two herons at the edge of the island in the pond of Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy. I’ve only ever seen one of them at the one time before.

There were curlews in the park too. They’re not there as often as oystercatchers, though. There must be a lot of food for them. Taken from distance to avoid disturbing them.

Heron in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy (ii)

Perched on an overhanging bough just off the island on 2/11/13.

Heron Again

More Autumn in the Park

Looking uphill. Almost no part of the path through the park was uncovered by leaves here.

Avenue of Leaves

From higher up the path looking back downhill:-

Avenue of Leaves Downhill

More of the swans. Leaves well on the turn behind:-

Autumn Swans

Autumnal Swans

In Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy, 20/10/13. Trees beginning to turn, leaves afall.

For a few weeks now I’ve only seen three of the surviving five cygnets. Perhaps the other two matured early and flew (or were driven) off.

Autumnal Swans

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