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Two Herons

Two herons at the edge of the island in the pond of Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy. I’ve only ever seen one of them at the one time before.

There were curlews in the park too. They’re not there as often as oystercatchers, though. There must be a lot of food for them. Taken from distance to avoid disturbing them.

Heron in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy (ii)

Perched on an overhanging bough just off the island on 2/11/13.

Heron Again

More Autumn in the Park

Looking uphill. Almost no part of the path through the park was uncovered by leaves here.

Avenue of Leaves

From higher up the path looking back downhill:-

Avenue of Leaves Downhill

More of the swans. Leaves well on the turn behind:-

Autumn Swans

Autumnal Swans

In Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy, 20/10/13. Trees beginning to turn, leaves afall.

For a few weeks now I’ve only seen three of the surviving five cygnets. Perhaps the other two matured early and flew (or were driven) off.

Autumnal Swans

Heron in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy (i)

We saw a heron in the park a week or so ago but had no camera on us at the time. It wasn’t there the last time we went round but today….

I took this from across the pond in case it took off.

Heron in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy

No worries. This was taken from the boating jetty. Much closer view.

Closer view of Heron, Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy

Seals Near Kirkcaldy

On a rock between Kirkcaldy and Seafield Tower:-

Seals near Kirkcaldy 1

The seals were very quiet, we didn’t notice them for some time. Below shows a slightly different angle:-

Seals near Kirkcaldy 2

And this is further round again:-

Seals near Kirkcaldy 3

Disinterested Spectator

This spectator on Saturday didn’t think much of the game.

Totally ignoring the play.

Disinterested Spectator

PS. I thought you weren’t allowed to invade the pitch….

A Book and a Heron

From Menstrie we moved on to an antiques centre just outside Doune in Stirlingshire where both the good lady and myself bought books.

The one I stumbled upon was Recent English Architecture 1920-1940. Published by Country Life, the content was “selected by the English Architecture Club.” Its cover is shown below.

Recent English Architecture 1920-1940

Lots of great Art Deco buildings are pictured inside. The cover illustration is of Woodside Ventilation Station, Mersey Tunnel, Liverpool. It’s one of those brooding, monolithic, Stalinistic edifices.

From Doune we retreated to Bridge of Allan where we dined out (which is to say we dined inside, of course.)

Afterwards we took a stroll through the town and over its eponymous bridge where I spotted this heron in the Allan Water.

Heron in Allan Water

This bird is a bit scruffy looking but they’re fascinating creatures. I don’t remember it moving at all while we were watching it.

Cygnets Again

(Not to mention several ducks.) In Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy, 22/7/2013.

We hadn’t seen all five cygnets the previous twice we’d been to the park before I took this photo so were pleased to see there wasn’t one missing this time.

They’re showing some adult plumage now.

5 grown cygnets

Only Five Now

The number of cygnets in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy had, by 7th June, fallen to five. I don’t know what happened to the missing one.

5 cygnets

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