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War Graves, Edinburgh

These were both in New Calton Burial Ground, Edinburgh.

M Miller, Royal Scots, 5/8/1916, age 36.

War Grave, Edinburgh

There was an unusaul communal gravestone for seamen of the Merchant Navy Merchant Navy inscribed, “Five Sailors of the 1939-45 War, MV Atheltemplar, 1/3/1941.”

Communal War Gravestone, Edinburgh

On 1/3/1941 the Atheltemplar was attacked by Heinkel 111s off the Aberdeenshire coast. A total of 12 crewmembers died. This stone commemorates the five who were unidentified.

War Grave, Dunfermline Abbey Church

Flight Cadet A A Hepburn, RAF, 23/8/1918, aged 18.

War Grave, Dunfermline Abbey Church

War Memorial, West Bridgend Church, Dumbarton

West Bridgend Church hall was where I started playing badminton, long, long ago now.

I had never explored its churchyard till last October when I discovered this Memorial to the men from the church who died in the Great War:-

War Memorial, West Bridgend Church, Dumbarton

The names:-

West Bridgend Church War Memorial Names

There was also a Commonwealth War Grave. Private William C Douglas, RAMC, 7/12/1916, age 19:-

War Grave West Bridgend Church

And this gravestone commemorates, as well as his father, one Captain William Learmonth Buchanan, 5th HLI, killed in action in Palestine, 20th November 1917, aged 25:-

Gravestone, West Bridgend Church

Cardross War Memorial

This lies beside the main road through the town, which is on the A 814 between Dumbarton and Helensburgh.

Cardross War Memorial

Closer view:-

Cardross War Memorial Close-up

Left-hand name panels:-

Cardross War Memorial Name Plaques

Right-hand name panels:-

Cardross War Memorial Names

Falkland War Memorial

Falkland is a village quite close to where I now live and at present houses one of those Fife libraries which are to be shut down.

The village’s dominating landmark is Falkland Palace the hunting lodge of Scotland’s Stuart Kings (and Queens.)

The village does have a relation to the perhaps more famous location in the South Atlantic as the Falkland Islands were named after Anthony Cary, 5th Viscount of Falkland. The Viscounts Falkland took their title from Falkland Palace.

Falkland’s War Memorial is relatively new, being erected only in the last year or so. The names are listed under First World War, Second World War, Other Conflicts. The word dziękuję, which I believe is Polish for “thank you”, is inscribed at the bottom, though there aren’t any Polish names on the memorial, as far as I can make out.

Falkland War Memorial

Reverse view. Arms of Falkland in the cartouche:-

Falkland War Memorial Reverse

The old memorial was a plaque which has been housed in various locations in the village. The below is from the Scottish Military Research Group’s website where the plaque was said to be within the building occupied by “Smart Cookies” – a children’s play-group. I believe the plaque has now been moved to the Village Hall.

Old Falkland War Memorial Plaque

Cowdenbeath World War 2 Memorial

This is on the High Street outside a local government office. The plaque is divided into Navy, Army, RAF and civilian deaths. The lower plaque is heade Armed Forces and records a death in Iraq 2007.

Cowdenbeath’s Great War Memorial is on top of a hill overlooking the High Street but is not as easily accessible as this one.

Cowdenbeath World War 2 Memorial

Rothbury, War Memorial

Our last stop on the way back up from England in August was in Rothbury, in Northumberland, close to Cragside, which the good lady wanted to visit again as the last time we hadn’t managed to get a look at its gardens.

Rothbury is a lovely wee place strung out along the main road through it, which is set just down from an elevated street containing one side of the thoroughfare’s shops.

Rothbury War Memorial from east. WW1 names:-

Rothbury War Memorial

Rothbury War Memorial from West. WW2 names and one for the Korean War:-

Rothbury War Mem 2

Washington Village, Tyne and Wear

Washington Village, Tyne and Wear is not to be confused with the New Town which surrounds it.

The family of George Washington, first President of the US, came from here.

General view. The War Memorial is just to right of centre:-

Washington Village, Tyne and Wear

War Memorial front view, WW1 names on base, WW2 on pillar:-

Washington Village, War Memorial

War Memorial Reverse. WW1 Names on base, Other conflicts on pillar. Iraq 2003, Gulf War 1990-1, Falklands 1982, seven for Afghanistan, 2006-13:-

Washington Village, War Memorial Reverse

Garden of Remembrance, to rear of memorial. Dedicated to the fallen in wars and conflicts:-

Washington Village, Garden of Remembrance

Northallerton War Memorial

Northallerton’s War Memorial sits at the north end of the main street; a simple cross on a tapering pilar surmounting an octagonal plinth with buttresses.

This is taken from the south. The names are for 1914-1919:-

Northallerton, War Memorial

From the north. The names are for 1939-1945 plus there is an inscription to “All ranks 6th Bomber Group, Royal Canadian Air Force.”

Northallerton, War Memorial

Oakham School War Memorial

Oakham School is an independent (fee-charging) school in Oakham.

The War Memorial to its pupils is in the form of a doorway with carved saints and such above and to its side. I thought I would be able to stitch these photos together to give an impression of the whole but it seems there’s not enough overlap:-

Oakham School War Memorial

Oakham School War Memorial 2

Oakham School War Memorial Doorway.

The names are in panels to either side of the doorway:-

Oakham School War Memorial Names 1
Oakham School War Memorial Names 2

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