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Boston War Memorial (ii)

I didn’t photograph all the plinths lining the avenue leading towards Boston War Memorial as there were about forty of them, some of which commemorated lesser known conflicts or aspects of large ones.

Arctic Convoys, 1941-45:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 1

Cyprus Veterans’ Association, 1955-58:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 2

Falklands War 1982:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 3

Suez, 1945-56:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 3

Dunkirk Veterans. (My father was one of the evacuees from Dunkirk):-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 5

Dieppe, 1942:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 6

Battle of Jutland, 1916:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 7

Gallipoli 1914-16:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 8

Battle of the Somme, 1916:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 9

Battle of Amiens 1918:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 10

Boston War Memorial (i)

The War Memorial in Boston, Lincolnshire, is one of the most appealing to the eye I have seen. It has a lovely approach, a swan-neck topped pseudo archway, avenue of poppy-wreath-bedecked plinths:-

Boston War Memorial 1

Approach pathway and plinths:-

Boston War Memorial 2

The War Memorial itself is a simple cross set atop a pillar surmounting a square pedestal.
The inscription round the Memorial reads, “To the Glory of God and in Memory of the People of Boston who Died in Two Wars 1914-19 and 1939-45.”

Boston War Memorial 3

Detail from south:-

Boston War Memorial 4

Detail from east:-

Boston War Memorial 5

Detail from north:-

Boston War Memorial 6

Just beside the Memorial proper is this one to the man and women of the merchant and fishing fleets who “gave their lives but have no grave but the sea”.

Boston War Memorial 7

War Graves, Markinch Cemetery

Markinch is the small town nearest to where we now live, though parts of Glenrothes are closer.

Its cemetery is on the eastern approaches to the town over the railway line from the station. It has a Commonwealth War Graves sign on its gates.

I found six graves.

L Sjt R S Turner, Royal Artillery, 30/10/1944:-

Markinch War Grave 1

Sergeant R Duff, Air Gunner, RAF, 31/10/1944, aged 23:-

Markinch War Grave 2

Sapper P Reekie, Royal Engineers, 10/4/1944, aged 21:-

Markinch War Grave 3

Sergeant Pilot T C Murray, 21/7/1942, aged 19:-

Markinch War Grave 4

Private J H Drummond, Seaforth Highlanders, 10/1/1918, aged 18:-

Markinch War Grave 5

This one is unusual, given the date of death and the age of the deceased.
Sergeant David Kirk, Intelligence Corps, 16/12/2000, aged 51:-

Markinch War? Grave 6

Cardross Old Parish Church

The church lies just off the main A 814 road through the village.

View from the road:-

Cardross Church Ruin

View from the churchyard:-

Church Ruin in Cardross

I was drawn to the churchyard as there was a Commonwealth War Graves sign on the gates. I found three graves.

Gunner G W Graham, RA, 6/5/1941, aged 32:-

War Grave, Cardross

Sergeant Pilot A G Dunbar, RAF, 23/9/1940, aged 23:-

Cardross War Grave 2

Gunner W McManus, RA, 27/9/1941, aged 19:-

Cardross War Grave 3

Roslin War Memorial

The War Memorial in Roslin, Midlothian is situated in a green area by the side of the main road through the town. A restrained Celtic Cross with a wreath on the pedestal.

Roslin War Memorial

It’s dedicated to “Those from Roslin and District.”
1914-1919 names are on the main cross, 1939-1945 names on the projecting slab below.

Roslin War Memorial Close

Commonwealth War Graves, Roslin

There is a cemetery in Roslin, just below Rosslyn Chapel. On its gates I noticed the Commonwealth War Graves sign. Inside I found five graves and two commemorations on other gravestones.

Gunner J Penman, Royal Artillery, 17/10/1941, aged 31:-

Roslin War Grave 1

Private W Baillie, Royal Army Medical Corps, 18/12/1915:-

Roslin War Grave 2

Stoker J N Mackenzie, HMS Raymond, 13/3/1945, aged 34:-

Roslin War Grave 3

Sapper A C Brown, Royal Engineers, 4/1/1919, aged 31:-

Roslin War Grave 4

Serjeant W Barclay, Gordon Highlanders, 27/11/1919, aged 37:-

Roslin War Grave 5

Private John James Noble, RSF, died 24/2/1919, buried in Cologne:-

Roslin Cemetery, War Inscription 2

Brunton Smith, killed in France, 24/3/1918, aged 35:-

Roslin Cemetery, War Gravestone 1

Rosewell War Memorial

This is located on the wall of a Memorial Hall on Main Street, Rosewell, Midlothian.


Erected in 1932 it commemorates only the Great War:-

Rosewell, Great War Memorial Plaque

East Linton War Memorial

East Linton is in East Lothian, a few miles from Dunbar.
The Memorial is set in a small park off School Road. Its dedication is to the men of East Linton and Parish of Prestonkirk.

War Memorial, East Linton

Great War Inscription:-

East Linton War Memorial WW1 Inscription

Side View, showing East Linton Primary School in background:-

Reverse View War Memorial East Linton

Side Inscription (WW2):-

Reverse Innscription East Linton War Memorial

Forth Bridges from Distance

All three bridges as seen from Dunfermline:-

Forth Bridges from Dunfermline

From grounds of Dunfermline Abbey, bridges in distance on middle left, Dunfermline Great War Memorial to right:-

Forth Bridges and Dunfermline War Memorial

Zoom on Forth bridges from Dunfermline Abbey:-

Forth Bridges from Dunfermline Abbey

War Graves, Ceres

In Ceres churchyard I found several Commonwealth War Graves and one for the Polish forces.

Private Mary Lindsay, Auxiliary Territorial Service, 20/8/1945, age 21:-

War Grave, Ceres Cemetery

Sister Mary Lister (Peddie) Waddell, Princess Mary’s RAF Nursing Service, 5/8/1947, age 30:-

Ceres War Grave

Corporal W Buchan, RAF, 7/9/1940, age 19:-

War Grave, Ceres

A family grave which commemorates William Husband, killed in action in France, 23/3/1918, age 20, and David Husband, who died as a result of war service, in Crail, on 2/4/1929, age 38:-

Ceres Cemetery War Grave

The Polish War Grave. Corporal Jan Niemiec, 1st Polish Rifle Brigade, 28/11/1940:-

Polish War Grave, Ceres

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