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Wildlife at Mount Grace Priory

Mount Grace Priory is in North Yorkshire, the best preserved Carthusian monastery in Britain. We popped in there for a look on our way from Northallerton.

Just before the car park there was a pond on the left hand side. I spotted a heron:-

Heron at Mount Grace Priory

Mount Grace Priory Heron

There were some geese too:-

Wild? Geese at Mount Grace Priory

Northallerton War Memorial

Northallerton’s War Memorial sits at the north end of the main street; a simple cross on a tapering pilar surmounting an octagonal plinth with buttresses.

This is taken from the south. The names are for 1914-1919:-

Northallerton, War Memorial

From the north. The names are for 1939-1945 plus there is an inscription to “All ranks 6th Bomber Group, Royal Canadian Air Force.”

Northallerton, War Memorial

Northallerton Art Deco

On the way back north we stopped off at Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

I found two deco-(ish) buildings.

A former bank now a branch of Coral; good curve, stepping above door and roofline:-

Art Deco Former Bank, Northallerton

The one below is now a Costa. The rule of three is at work here. The stepping underneath the roofline is also a marker:-

Art Deco Shop, Northallerton

Oakham School War Memorial

Oakham School is an independent (fee-charging) school in Oakham.

The War Memorial to its pupils is in the form of a doorway with carved saints and such above and to its side. I thought I would be able to stitch these photos together to give an impression of the whole but it seems there’s not enough overlap:-

Oakham School War Memorial

Oakham School War Memorial 2

Oakham School War Memorial Doorway.

The names are in panels to either side of the doorway:-

Oakham School War Memorial Names 1
Oakham School War Memorial Names 2

All Saints Church, Oakham

Tower and spire from Oakham War Memorial:-

Oakham, All Saints Church

Oakham War Memorial

Is situated in the churchyard of All Saints.

A series of stepped plinths leading to an octofoil arrangement with a broader stone surmount with a simple pillar on top and carvings towards the summit.

The inscription inside the stone wreath reads, “to the men of Oakham who gave their lives in the Great War.”

The names of the dead are engraved on the inshots of the star-like elements just below.

Oakham War Memorial

All Saints Church in background. 8 names for World War 2 are engraved on the topmost stone here:-

Oakham War Memorial 2

Another lateral view:-

Oakham War Memorial 3

Art Deco in Oakham

After Market Harborough we visited Barnsdale, where the TV gardener Geoff Hamilton had his gardens, as the good lady was a great fan of his gardening style. From there we travelled on to Oakham, the county town of Rutland, the smallest county in England, where I found some (minor) deco.

Lloyd’s Bank:-

Art Deco Bank, Oakham

First of a row of Art Deco style shops. Built in 1934 but eyes poked out. Good detailing in the brickwork:-

Art Deco Shop, Oakham

Remainder of the terrace. Deco roof-line and detailing. Eyes poked out:-

Art Deco Terrace of Shops, Oakham

In main street. Nice curve to this, but pretty bland otherwise:-

Art Deco Style, Oakham

Market Harborough War Memorial

Is prominently situated in the town centre.
A quatrefoil base supporting a pillar topped by a cross.

Market Harborough War Memorial

The dedication is to “all in the parishes of Market Harborough and Great and Little Bowden who gave their lives.”
A name panel is below – with others in the remaining inshots of the quatrefoil base.

Market Harborough War Memorial 2

William Henry Bragg Memorial Plaque

Bragg was, along with his son, Lawrence, a pioneer of X-ray crystallography, which helps determine the chemical structure of solid compounds.

I found this on a wall in Market Harborough, Leicestershire:-

William Henry Bragg MemorialPlaque in Market Harborough

Art Deco in Market Harborough

Market Harborough in Leicestershire was our next port of call.

Two Art Deco(ish) shops both with their eyes poked out:-

Art Deco Shop in Market Harborough

Art Deco in Market Harborough

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