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Groningen Glass, Plus

Good glazing on a shop in Groningen:-

More Groningen Glass

There was interesting detail above the window’s centre. I’m assuming this was once a butcher’s:-

Groningen Shop Detail

Curved glass on different shop:-

Groningen Curved Glass

This shop’s owners are not much into tech it would seem. There’s something to be said for the old-fashioned virtues.

Notice in Shop Window, Groningen

Art Deco in Gronigen (iv)

This shop has good glazing:-

Art Deco Glazing, Groningen

The window has a lovely curve:-

Art Deco Shop Glazing, Groningen

Great horizontals here and the ironwork is delightful:-

Art Deco Styling, Groningen

There was some sort of annual celebration going on in early May so this is mostly hidden by a roller coaster. “Rule of three” in the gable windows though:-

Art Deco Style, Groningen

More rule of three on windows, upper detailing and ironwork on roof:-

Art Deco Style Shop, Groningen

Art Deco in Gronigen (iii)

In a previous post on Art Deco in Groningen, The Netherlands, I showed two photos of a cinema. This year I took more views of that building. This is the rear view:-

Art Deco in Groningen

This is the view from the street that runs beside it back to front:-

Groningen Cinema

Lovely window arch on cinema wall:-

Art Deco Cinema, Groningen, Window Arch

Detail on window arch, a sculpted head:-

Art Deco Cinemas, Groningen Detail

Great columning and glazing towards front:-

Art Deco Cinema, Groningen Side View

The glazing has fantastic detailing:-

Art Deco Cinema, Groningen Glazing

Groningen Museum Exterior

To enter and leave Groningen Museum you have to cross a branch of the canal:-

Groningen Museum Exterior 2

Groningen Museum Exterior 1

View outside through window almost at water level:-

Groningen Museum View Outside

Ditto only the other side of the museum:-

Groningen Museum Outside View

Just to the left of the above:-

Groningen Museum View

Groningen Museum

I blogged about the outside of Groningen Museum here. On this May’s visit we actually took a look inside.

The first thing that strikes anybody on entering is this elaborate mosaic-tiled staircase:-

Groningen Museum Staircase

Groningen Museum Staircase 2

Groningen Museum Staircase 3

Similar tiling adorned another staircase:-

Groningen Museum Staircase 4

I was taken with this model of Groningen city centre made from fabric. It was under glass so it’s a little distorted:-

Groningen Museum, Fabric Exhibit.

Thee was some not very aesthetically appealing German modern art as the main exhibit when we were there. I’m not averse to modern art but I must confess I preferred these traditional Dutch landscapes:-

Groningen Museum Exhibit

Groningen Museum, Dutch Painting

In a history of Groningen section was this textile of a sailor and flags of different nations which was of Great War vintage though of course the Dutch were not involved in that conflict:-

Groningen Museum Exhibit

Groningen University, Groningen, The Netherlands

I was told when we were there that this is the oldest building in Groningen. How true that is I don’t actually know. It’s a fine building anyway but there wasn’t enough space to back into to get it all in one and we were pushed for time:-

Groningen University Tower

Groningen University lower view

Groningen University Building

Check out the astounding number of bicycles outside it:-

Bikes outside Groningen University

Dutch Curiosities

This is a converted windmill in Marum, Groningen Province, The Netherlands:-

Ex-windmill, Marum, Groningen, The Netherlands

This one’s for you, Denis. A Monkey-puzzle tree – or Araucaria to give it its botanical name – also in Marum:-

Monkey Puzzle Tree, Marum

Resistance Monument, The Netherlands

While in The Netherlands we helped walk the good lady’s relatives’ dog most days. In a piece of Dutch woodland we came across this memorial to Resistance fighters who had been captured and shot by the Germans. Not the sort of thing you happen upon in a Scottish wood, thankfully.

Resistance Monument

Resistance Monument, The Netherlands

Drachten, Friesland, The Netherlands

Drachten is a sizable town in the province of Friesland in The Netherlands.

Like most Dutch towns (I concede Frisians might not quite consider themselves Dutch) it contains buildings which verge on Art Deco in style:-

Building in Drachten, The Netherlands

Drachten, The Netherlands

I liked these stained glass windows:-

Stained Glass, Drachten, The Netherlands

It’s the curve that gives this the deco look but the rest seems too modern:-

Deco Style, Drachten, The Netherlands

These houses have the look:-

Deco Style Houses, Drachten, The Netherlands

This is certainly more like it. Art Deco “rule of three” in the windows, plus the roofline stepped at the ends and the detailing in the brickwork:-

Art Deco Style, Drachten, The Netherlands Drachten 13

Surhuisterveen, Friesland, The Netherlands

I have posted about Surhuisterveen before, here and here.

This May we were there again and I saw some deco style buildings I’d missed in 2104.

Deco Style in Surhuisterveen 1

Detailing on roof corner:-

Deco Style in Surhuisterveen Detail

This former bank is a modern building but with decoish aspects:-

Deco Style in Surhuisterveen 33

Aspect round the corner:-

Deco Style in Surhuisterveen, Gable

Deco style stained glass window. Mondrian-like:-

Deco Style in Surhuisterveen 5

We had arrived just in time for Dutch Remebrance Day (May 5th I think.) I prefer their wreaths to the British poppy-heavy ones:-

Surhuisterveen Remembrance Wreaths

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