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Not Friday On My Mind 37: Wait For Me Mary-Anne

Different spelling of Marianne. Different song.

Scotland’s 60s finest, Marmalade, with their second hit.

Marmalade: Wait For Me Mary-Anne

Not Friday On My Mind 36: C’mon Marianne

This is very unlike the psychedelic influenced Dear Delilah (see Friday on my Mind 49.) The uninitiated could be forgiven for thinking this was by the Four Seasons who did of course record the song first.

Grapefruit: C’mon Marianne

Friday on my Mind 126: Rosie/Blue Eyes/Breakfast on Pluto

Another set of unlikely hits was achieved by traditional busker Don Partridge, who played his instruments not only with his hands and mouth but also his elbows, legs – and knees for all I know. More of a one-man band than a busker he was apparently known as King of the Street-singers.

I don’t think this Rosie is a live version, but rather the record dubbed over some video.

Don Partridge: Rosie

Don Partridge: Blue Eyes

More topically here he is playing – live – Breakfast on Pluto, a song which I find reached no 26 but had hitherto vanished from my memory. I’m not sure I can find it there even now I’ve heard it again. (Again?)

Don Partridge: Breakfast on Pluto

Friday on my Mind 125: Drink Up Thee Zider

Prior to their big chart success in the mid-70s the Wurzels had been fronted by Adge Cutler – who wielded what seemed to be a cudgel. As Adge Cutler and the Wurzels they had a minor hit in 1967 with his song Drink Up Thee Zider sometimes written as Drink Up Thy Zider.

I’m astounded at how young Adge Cutler looks in this video. I’d remembered him from his television appearances as being much older than the rest of the group. (I was very young then myself of course.)

Sadly Adge died in a car crash in 1974. So it goes.

Adge Cutler and The Wurzels – Drink Up Thee Zider

For a longer piece featuring this clip and showing how cider is produced see here.

Friday on my Mind 124: It’s Gettin’ Better

This is just a wonderful feel-good song. Cass had a distinctive voice. Pity she died so young. (So it goes.)

Cass Elliott:- It’s Gettin’ Better

Friday on my Mind 123: Hi Ho Silver Lining

You may remember back in the dim distant past of this category’s genesis I mentioned a competition at my workplace for favourite 60s hit. Hi Ho Silver Lining came second but not the original version by The Attack. Rather it was Jeff Beck’s recording that was voted in.

The Attack: Hi Ho Silver Lining

And here’s a footnote to why the above is now the lesser known version of the song:-

David Arden attacks the hyping of Hi Ho Silver Lining

And for comparison purposes here’s the reverse-hyped version.

Jeff Beck: Hi Ho Silver Lining

Friday on my Mind 122: Fly Away Bird

The reason I was googling The Left Banke last week was because I finally stumbled across an embeddable file of the version of Walk Away Renee that I actually bought. The one by The Truth.

The B-side, Fly Away Bird, is fairly stripped down.

The Truth: Fly Away Bird

Just for completeness here’s the A-side. There’s much more production on this.

The Truth: Walk Away Renee

Friday on my Mind 121: Pretty Ballerina

I’ve just been googling The Left Banke again and discovered that their bassist Michael Brown passed away on 19th March this year.)

He was a co-writer of Walk Away Renee (which I featured here) but this song, Pretty Ballerina, was all his.

The Left Banke : Pretty Ballerina

Michael Brown (Michael David Lookofsky): 25/4/1949 – 19/3/2015. So it goes.

Friday on my Mind 120: Terry

I just read yesterday that 60s almost one-hit wonder, Twinkle, has passed away.

Her big hit Terry caused a fuss at the time it was released as it was about a boy who died in a motorbike crash. Coincidentally The Shangri-Las’ similarly themed Leader of the Pack came out at much the same time. I do remember my next to oldest brother buying Terry. He had a thing for records by solo female singers.

Another of Twinkle’s claims to fame is that she eventually married the Milk Tray man.

Here are both sides of the Terry single.

Twinkle: Terry (plus The Boy of my Dreams)

Twinkle’s only other hit, Golden Lights, was later covered by The Smiths!

Twinkle: Golden Lights

Lynn Annette Ripley. “Twinkle.” 15/7/1948 – 21/5/15. So it goes.

Not Friday On My Mind 31: Hard To Handle

Back to Otis Redding for some more soul. A no. 15 hit in the UK in 1967.

Otis Redding: Hard To Handle

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