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Not Friday on my Mind 39: Wilhelmina

I was sad to hear of the death of Andy Newman who lent his nickname to the group of whose biggest hit, Something in the Air (see Friday on my Mind 28) this song, an odd mix of oompah music, kazoo and a rock guitar solo, was the B-side.

My copy of the single did not credit Wilhelmina as the B-side as both were labelled Something in the Air. I’ve often wondered if that was a one-off mistake and my copy is a real rarity.

Andy “Thunderclap” Newman: 21/11/1942-20/3/2016. So it goes.

Thunderclap Newman : Wilhelmina

Friday on my Mind 130: Wooden Ships

This song is more associated with Crosby, Stills and Nash but was co-written by Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Starship, who died earlier this week. Apparently his name could not be put on the CSN release of the song for legal reasons but Kantner contributed to the lyrics. Both CSN and Jefferson Airplane performed the song at Woodstock but Airplane’s (very long) version did not appear in the film.

Jefferson Airplane: Wooden Ships

Paul Lorin Kantner: 17/3/1941–28/1/2016. So it goes.

Friday on my Mind 129: For Your Love

The reference I was alluding to last week.

This seems to be a live version; possibly from an appearance on the US TV programme Shindig!.

The Yardbirds: For Your Love

Friday on my Mind 128: Single Girl

The sentiments in this, Sandy Posey’s second hit (from 1966,) are probably a bit un-feminist for today’s tastes but the melody and harmonies are lovely and she has a good voice.

I must confess I don’t remember her other hits Born A Woman (a proto Stand by Your Man) and What A Woman In Love Won’t Do (ditto.)

Sandy Posey: Single Girl

Not Friday On My Mind 38: Blackberry Way

The Move’s only no 1 hit. Obviously influenced by Penny Lane but supposedly also Strawberry Fields Forever. I am informed that Blackberry Way is a street in The Move’s home city of Birmingham.

This is the version from the record (which means you get the mellotron flavour) but laid over a live TV performance from Colour Me Pop.

The Move: Blackberry Way

Friday on my Mind 127: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

To go with my post yesterday.

The caption on this video says “young man.” Young men, surely?

The Kingston Trio: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Not Friday On My Mind 37: Wait For Me Mary-Anne

Different spelling of Marianne. Different song.

Scotland’s 60s finest, Marmalade, with their second hit.

Marmalade: Wait For Me Mary-Anne

Not Friday On My Mind 36: C’mon Marianne

This is very unlike the psychedelic influenced Dear Delilah (see Friday on my Mind 49.) The uninitiated could be forgiven for thinking this was by the Four Seasons who did of course record the song first.

Grapefruit: C’mon Marianne

Friday on my Mind 126: Rosie/Blue Eyes/Breakfast on Pluto

Another set of unlikely hits was achieved by traditional busker Don Partridge, who played his instruments not only with his hands and mouth but also his elbows, legs – and knees for all I know. More of a one-man band than a busker he was apparently known as King of the Street-singers.

I don’t think this Rosie is a live version, but rather the record dubbed over some video.

Don Partridge: Rosie

Don Partridge: Blue Eyes

More topically here he is playing – live – Breakfast on Pluto, a song which I find reached no 26 but had hitherto vanished from my memory. I’m not sure I can find it there even now I’ve heard it again. (Again?)

Don Partridge: Breakfast on Pluto

Friday on my Mind 125: Drink Up Thee Zider

Prior to their big chart success in the mid-70s the Wurzels had been fronted by Adge Cutler – who wielded what seemed to be a cudgel. As Adge Cutler and the Wurzels they had a minor hit in 1967 with his song Drink Up Thee Zider sometimes written as Drink Up Thy Zider.

I’m astounded at how young Adge Cutler looks in this video. I’d remembered him from his television appearances as being much older than the rest of the group. (I was very young then myself of course.)

Sadly Adge died in a car crash in 1974. So it goes.

Adge Cutler and The Wurzels – Drink Up Thee Zider

For a longer piece featuring this clip and showing how cider is produced see here.

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