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Art Deco Style Building, Zonnebeeke

I couldn’t help noticing this very deco looking (or possibly Frank Lloyd Wright influenced or maybe it’s just Belgian) building when we passed through Zonnebeeke in Flanders. The tower behind belongs to the Church of our Lady:-

Art Deco Building, Zonnebeeke, Flanders, Belgium

Art Deco Building, Zonnebeeke,

Imagine my surprise when I got round to the front and discovered it houses the Passchendaele Research Centre which seems to be part of the Passchendaele Memorial Museum. Note the “rule of three” in the windows – and even in what looks like a cold frame below them:-

Art Deco Building, Zonnebeeke

Other angle:-

Art Deco Building Zonnebeeke

From rear:-

Art Deco Style Building, Zonnebeeke

Unfortunately I couldn’t get an uninterrupted view of the frontage due to the parked van:-

Art Deco Style Building, Zonnebeeke

Art Deco in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Bury St Edmunds has a smattering of old buildings in the Gothic style but also some Art Deco. This is a very thirties Marks & Spencer:-

Bury St Edmunds, Marks and Spencer

Betfred has Art Deco leanings in the slight overhangs:-

Betfred, Bury St Edmunds

But the exemplar has to be The Works, which exhibits the rule of three in the windows which in addition have great deco glass, with sunburst effect above:-

The Works, Bury St Edmunds


The Works, Bury St Edmunds, Window

End window detail:-

The Works, Bury St Edmunds, Detail

The Works was right beside this Tudor/mediƦval style building which now houses W H Smith’s:-

W H Smith's, Bury St Edmunds

Art Deco in King’s Lynn (vi)

Fenton Insurance. Lovely sweeping curve and canopies over windows and door:-

King's Lynn Art Deco

Corner detail:-

King's Lynn Art Deco Corner Detail

In need of some tlc, though:-

Deco Building's Wall, King's Lynn 32

Fine lettering and flagpole holders on this brick-built garage.
(Photo snatched – not by the driver – through car window while awaiting traffic light to change):-

Brick-Built Art Deco King's Lynn

Second snatched photo:-

King's Lynn Brick-Built Deco

Art Deco in King’s Lynn (v)

The Record Shop. Great stained glass with Art Deco motifs:-

King's Lynn Record Shop

Stained glass detail:-

Art Deco Stained Glass Detail

Hocus Pocus. Body piercing etc:-

King's Lynn Art Deco

Extension to Hocus Pocus, up a back alley:_

King's Lynn Art Deco Extension

The windows on this one, now the British Legion, have been comprehensively wrecked:-

King's Lynn Possible Deco

Art Deco in King’s Lynn (iv)

Again abominably named. Phones 4 U:-

King's Lynn, Corner Deco

King’s Lynn Bus Station. Too “boxy” and modern to be deco?

King's Lynn Bus Station

Norfolk Constabulary Building. Definitely 1930s in style:-

Norfolk Constabulary Building, King's Lynn

Norfok Constabulary Building, King's Lynn, Detail

RBS. Glass bricks, balcony railings and round tower:-

King's Lynn RBS

King's Lynn Shop Tower

Corner Deco. WMS Recruitment:-

Corner Deco, King's Lynn

Art Deco in King’s Lynn (iii) Minor Deco

A shop called CSS:-

King's Lynn CSS


King's Lynn, Art Deco Detailing

Debenham’s. (Maybe not deco):-

Debenham's, King's Lynn

King's Lynn, Debenham's Corner

King's Lynn, Deco?

The abominably named Cash 4 Clothes (again maybe not deco):-

King's Lynn, Deco?

Art Deco in King’s Lynn (ii) Burton’s

There’s a lovely curved frontage to Burton’s, King’s Lynn:-

Burton's King's Lynn

Detailing round window:-

Burton's, King's Lynn Detail

Column detail:-

Burton's, King's Lynn, Column Detail

Roofline detail. Odd Cadbury’s Smash-like figure stencilled to right here:-

Burton's, King's Lynn, Roofline Detail

Art Deco in King’s Lynn (i) Former Ritz Cinema

Almost the first thing I noticed on getting out of the car in King’s Lynn was a blocky Art Deco building with typical deco glazing. (Note Greyfriar’s Tower behind):-

King's Lynn, Art Deco Former Cinema

It wasn’t till working round the town that I discovered it was the former Ritz Cinema, now a bingo hall:-

Former Ritz Cinema, King's Lynn

Note “rule of three” in the doors and the columns and windows above them. View from main street (again you can glimpse Greyfriars Tower behind):-

King's Lynn Former Cinema

Other side view (from the War Memorial and in front of Greyfriars Tower):-

Former Ritz Cinema, King's Lynn

Ancient and Moderne

Just before the chapel’s entrance on the approach to Rosslyn Chapel stands the Old Rosslyn Inn.

Old Rosslyn Inn

The inn’s catalogue of great and good patrons is commemorated on a plaque by the arched gateway:-

Old Rosslyn Inn

Yet this obviously 20th century building (in the Art Deco/Moderne style) can also be seen from the access road.

Moderne Building

Cube-like House, Broughty Ferry

Broughty Ferry is a town just to the west of Dundee.

We were there to take advantage of a voucher for High Tea* at Jessie’s Kitchen kindly given us as a present by our eldest son and his girlfriend. The High Tea was delightful.

Just along Albert Road though I spotted this:-

Cube-like House, Broughty Ferry

The window shapes and white rendering speak of deco. Shame about the replacement windows (and this possibly had a flat roof at one time.) The garage extension at the front is rather unsympathetic though:-

White House, Broughty Ferry

*Edited to add. I’ve just remembered it wasn’t High Tea. It was Afternoon Tea.

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