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Prom Once More

Access is now cut off to the whole of the prom. These two photos are from early March showing more drilling out of the old sea wall and the stumps of the metal supporting struts that strengthened it. Not to mention a demolished lamp standard.

Latest from Kirkcaldy Promenade

Latest phase of work. Drilling out the old wall on the north part of the Prom. Taken 19/2/14.

This second one was today. Top mostly drilled out.

Promenade Latest

This is the result of the drilling through the concrete groyne I posted about on 10/12/13. They drilled through two of the groynes, presumably to allow JCB/lorry access all the way along the beach. There doesn’t seem to have been much more work done in January since I took this on Jan 6th.

Oil Rig in Firth of Forth

The rig has been off Kirkcaldy for about a week now. I can’t find out anything about it on the net beyond its presence.

Does anybody know if there’s an oil rig location website similar to, which is for ships?

Two Herons

Two herons at the edge of the island in the pond of Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy. I’ve only ever seen one of them at the one time before.

There were curlews in the park too. They’re not there as often as oystercatchers, though. There must be a lot of food for them. Taken from distance to avoid disturbing them.

Rock Moving, Kirkcaldy Promenade

I haven’t posted any photos of the works at Kirkcaldy Prom recently. Either the wind has been too high and we didn’t fancy a walk along the prom or the tide has been in when we’ve been down there.

These are from about a month ago when they were moving rocks along the sea front.

Truck moving north along sea shore.

Returning truck with bow-wave.

Depositing load.

View of works.

Progress on Kirkcaldy Promenade

New sea wall; photo taken by poking the camera through a fence:- Taken on November 27th

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 20

A gap in the new sea wall. I presume there will be access to the shore from here when it’s all done:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 21

The new sea wall looking south:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 22

The new sea wall looking north:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 23

Trench digging, presumably to provide better seating for the stones:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 24

Pneumatic drilling to demolish an old concrete groyne:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 25

Drilling again – from other side of groyne. Nice clouds of dust!:-

Kirkcaldy Promenade Works 26

Nice Old Car

This was in Kirkcaldy High Street on November 9th. I think it might have been a Rolls Royce, but I’m no expert on cars.

Old Car Again

Old Car in Kirkcaldy

Heron in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy (ii)

Perched on an overhanging bough just off the island on 2/11/13.

Heron Again

More Autumn in the Park

Looking uphill. Almost no part of the path through the park was uncovered by leaves here.

Avenue of Leaves

From higher up the path looking back downhill:-

Avenue of Leaves Downhill

More of the swans. Leaves well on the turn behind:-

Autumn Swans

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