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Raith Rovers 1-3 Dumbarton

SPFL Tier 2, Stark’s Park, 12/4/14

Straight away as the teams came out I noticed their keeper was wearing an all orange number which nearly matched our away strip. It was about ten minutes in before it was changed for a black top. A woman Sons supporter shouted out, “what about the shorts?” Ooh-er, missus. (The shorts were changed for black ones during half time.)

This was a comprehensive win. We had six efforts on target to Raith’s two before we scored. The goal had been coming and Mark Gilhaney’s first time drive when the ball came out to him was a fully deserved result for our endeavours up to then. Jamie Ewings had two excellent saves – one from a defensive header for which he had little time to react but still diverted on to the bar – in the first half.

Our second was a great individual goal from Mitch Megginson, slaloming through their defence before slotting it past the keeper. Does Mitch score ordinary goals?

A comfortable enough first half. I know Raith were missing several midfielders for one reason or another but you can only play the team you’re up against; and we did, rather well.

The third came when Colin Rhyming Slang – who had a good game overall – reacted quickly to the break of the ball in the box to knock it in at the near post.

Their goal followed on from a passage of play notable for the most blatant handball I’ve ever seen, the ball being knocked down by the Raith attacker from about head height as he was on the run. How the ref, two linos and the fourth official between them could not see it is beyond me. The ensuing corner came back out to their player who curled it in well thus ruining our potential first away clean sheet of the season. But the corner should not have been.

Raith had a bit of a flurry after that but any chance they had of more goals was ruined when their defender was given a straight red for denying Garry Fleming a clear goalscoring opportunity and the game kind of petered out after that.

Curiously for the second straight game at Stark’s Park Jordan Kirkpatrick had to leave injured.

There is now not even the arithmetical possibility of a relegation play-off. Fourth place is possible but will be difficult, fifth would still be a remarkable achievement.

Edited to add:- Chris Turner did a lot of quiet, unobtrusive stuff in the game allowing the other midfielders to get on with playing on the front foot.

Dumbarton 4-1 Alloa Athletic

SPFL Tier 2, The Rock, 5/4/14

Much belated congratulations to the team (managerial and players) in thumping Alloa again and so securing second tier status for at least another year. I didn’t even know out scorers till Sunday as telly has been pretty much on the back burner and internet access not really a priority for the last few days. I’ve still not got the main computer hooked up.

I know technically Cowdenbeath could still catch our points total but the goal difference difference is also massively in our favour. They’ve also won only nine times all season so to get four out of four would be incredible. Time to look up the table. One more win for us – or loss for Alloa – would mean we’re the top part-time team in Scotland twice in a row.

On to Raith on Saturday. They’ll be buzzing after winning the Challenge Cup though.

Morton 3-0 Dumbarton

SPFL Tier 2, Cappielow Park, 1/4/14.

We obviously don’t do midweek games.

Or, we do; but not well.

That’s the promotion play-off spot out the window then.

Livingston 1-2 Dumbarton

I wasn’t at the game but was listening to the radio during the second half. At 1-0 down I was thinking we were right into a slump, our status as high scorers was looking something of a joke and any possibility of fourth place was gone. Then I heard of the sending off and thought we don’t usually play all that well against ten men.

Then it was 1-1 and suddenly 2-1. Great!

We’re now three wins ahead of Cowdenbeath and they only have five games left. I can’t see this team throwing a lead like that away.

The promotion play-off dream is still on.

Falkirk 2-0 Dumbarton

SPFL Tier 2, Falkirk Stadium, 25/3/14.

Well, this was dire. A farrago of misplaced passes, poor crossing and a general lack of closing down. Falkirk were afforded far too much time and space to play the ball around in. For all that I wasn’t much impressed with them – but they didn’t have to be scintillating to beat us here.

We looked tired and out of sorts. Not the best augury for three more games in the seven days starting on Saturday. Scotty Linton had to go off and Chris Turner didn’t look fit either.

At half time every single result in the division was going against us. At least by the end Raith hadn’t made up any ground on us.

The officiating at this game was quite awful. Every 50/50 decision went the way of Falkirk. Even an absolute 100/0 one for us went to them. In addition Falkirk’s players were manhandling and shirt-tugging all over the place and not being punished for it. Their second goal came in the aftermath of one of these unwhistled blatant fouls. The sending off of Hugh Murray for his second booking was as a result of his first for first half dissent at one of the ludicrous decisions. Loads of Sons players were protesting but it was Murray who got the card.

Not that we deserved anything from the game, we simply weren’t at the races. I’m a bit worried now.

Dumbarton 0-1 Dundee

Judging by the comments on the Pie Shop we should have won this. But we don’t get much luck against Dundee – at least recently – especially with refereeing decisions.

However, we’re stil fifth (if only on goal difference and with a game in hand) and by my calculations we cannot now be relegated automatically as we have two points more than Morton could possibly accrue.

Onwards to Falkirk on Tuesday, Livingston on Saturday then Morton in the next midweeek.

Dumbarton 5-1 Cowdenbeath

SPFL Tier 2, The Rock, 15/3/14.

Excellent. I’d take this every week.

Nearly everyone was available for this. Only Scott Linton was missing. It seems a strange decision to play our best midfielder, the returning Chris Turner, (we missed his influence last week) at left back to replace him. That doesn’t show much confidence in reserve left back Scott Smith who did all right when he came on last week but admittedly looks overweight.

So. Positive goal difference restored and a league placing higher than before we started. And Cowdenbeath have to catch up ten points on us in eight games in order to overhaul us. Time to look up the table rather than down. Amazing.

5 games in two weeks coming up, though.

The pundits on Sportscene Results were also inciting manager Ian Murray to “better” (or was it bigger?) things. Not just yet, please, Ian. You are still learning.

Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen

Pittodrie Stadium is the home of Aberdeen FC.

Approach to Beach End Stand:-

Approach to Away Section – Not very prepossessing, what with the menacing metal fencing all round the approach:-

East Stand (Beach End.) Houses away fans:-

North (Main) Stand, houses the players changing rooms and home fans seating. The players’ tunnel is not as is usual in the centre but at the right hand end as you look at it here:-

West Stand. Home fans again:-

South Stand. In the photo Sons fans are nearest. This doesn’t give the impression of how many were there (600.) Beyond a fence, most of the stand was taken up with Aberdeen fans:-

Home fans embracing the insult and carrying an inflatable sheep/lamb. As well as the sheep there were loads of balloons in Sons colours of black, white and gold floating around during the Scottish Cup game on 8/3/14:-

Sons players applaud fans at end of game:-

Aberdeen 1-0 Dumbarton

Scottish Cup, Round 6, Pittodrie Stadium, 8/3/14.

So, the dream lasted 53 minutes. It was good while it lasted.

Actually the dream was still on till the final whistle – but only of salvaging a draw.

A large contingent of Sons supporters travelled up to Pittodrie – for long stretches making more noise than the home fans, at least from the area where the away contingent was closeted. Several old favourites were trotted out along with the usual “Dumbarton,” clap, clap, clap, and “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. You’re shite, aaaaaah,” including, “We forgot that you were here,” “What a shitey home support,” “You only sing when you’re winning.” Special kudos to Aberdeen keeper Jamie Langfield for responding to the chant, “Jamie Langfield, you’re a wanker, you’re a wanker,” with a grin and thumbs up.

Aberdeen were undoubtedly the more accomplised team, they achieved more subtle angles and passes than we are used to but we matched them for just about the whole game. That their defenders had their arms around our two strikers every time the ball came up to them says a lot (one particular instance in the penalty box comes to mind.) So does the fact that the Aberdeen man of the match was centre half Russell Anderson. They looked vulnerable to the ball over the top (until Colin Rhyming Slang was substituted – he’d pulled up after an aerial challenge in their box and lasted only a few more minutes.) We resorted to that direct ball a little too often after they scored but our normal passing game was not as fluid as I’d hoped, Aberdeen not allowing us the space we’re used to. Aberdeen played with much more assurance after the goal but they still couldn’t produce the killer pass, tribute to our defence.

The goal was preventable, Scott Linton showed admirable confidence in trying to shepherd the ball out for a goal kick but he should have hoofed it. I just knew when the corner was awarded that the goal would come from it. And the corner could have been defended better.

(Poor Scotty’s day got worse when he got injured in a challenge and had to come off. Looked like a hamstring pull. We’ll miss his long throws.)

It wasn’t even our strongest team. Chris Turner was still out and loanee Mike Miller hasn’t started at centre half before.

Aberdeen got the benefit of 50/50 decisions from the referee – as you might expect for the “bigger” club.

One curiosity. The pitch was being watered, by pop-up sprinkler, before the game and at half time. Is this usual practice at Pittodrie or were they trying to make the pitch heavy because we’re a part time team?

Special mention to Andy Graham. He looked as if he was injured with about 25 minutes to go but kept on running and chasing and tackling even though he looked totally knackered.

It shows how far we’ve come in the past five years that the overriding emotion after we’ve lost 1-0 away to the second best team in the country is disappointment rather than relief.

I just hope that the efforts of this game and the injuries sustained don’t cost us in the league.

For those of you who know me see if you can spot me in this photo from the Dumbarton FC website.

Sons fans at Aberdeen

For those of you who don’t, I’m somewhere above the D of the Dumbarton in the banner.

Queen of the South 3-1 Dumbarton

SPFL Tier 2, Palmerston Park, 1/3/14

Well that’s the unbeaten run gone for a comprehensive Burton then.

I don’t quite know what to make of it with the big Cup game coming up. We’ll certainly need to perform better than this result suggests we did today. I’ve not got much hope now Aberdeen seem to be justifying their second best team in Scotland status, except that we do ourselves justice against them next week.

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