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Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 39: Bathgate (ii)

A couple more Art Deco buildings in Bathgate.

This one looks like an ex-Woolworths but is now a Poundland. Typical deco styling:-

Former Woolworths, Bathgate

Deco touches:-

Minor Art Deco, Bathgate

Bank of Scotland. This may be later but has deco elements, especially the tall window:-

Art Deco Style Bank, Bathgate

The Pavilion, an ex-cinema, isn’t truly deco as it was built in 1920 but it prefigures the style. Note the Rule of Three in the front windows and door:-

Former Pavilion Cinema, Bathgate

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 38: Regal Cinema, Bathgate

Fine Art Deco cinema in Bathgate, West Lothian. Still in use as a cinema.

The “Rule of Three” is at work here in the central windows and their mullions, the lines at either side of the “Regal” sign and on the rooflines:-

Regal Cinema Bathgate

From side:-

Regal Cinema, Bathgate, from side

Railings and steps. Good deco “triangle” drop in each rail’s line:-

Regal Cinema, Bathgate, Railings and Steps.

Fine Art Deco glass and detailing on the canopy facade:-

Regal Cinema, Bathgate, Canopy Detail

Showing alleyway at left side of Cinema (as you look at it.) Rule of three in the sets of windows here?

Regal Cinema, Bathgate, Opposite Side

There’s a good, strong finial above the window in this detail of the frontage:-

Regal Cinema, Bathgate, Detail at Front

Art Deco in Wigan

We made one of our trips down south in August and had a look at Wigan as our nearly daughter-in-law (the wedding will be in July) had had to break a train journey there and said she found it nice. It is.


Wigan Art Deco 1

Marks & Spencer’s (stitch of two photos):-

Wigan Art Deco 4


Wigan Art Deco 5

Wigan Art Deco 6

A former cinema now a nightclub called Pure:-

Wigan Art Deco 7

Pure’s side alley:-

Wigan Art Deco 8

A newsagent’s (good stained glass windows):-

Wigan Art Deco 9

A clock tower, from a distance:-

Wigan Art Deco 10

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 33: Peebles. Addendum

In August 2013 when I was in Peebles the former Playhouse Cinema looked a bit run down. (See here.)

By this May it had been spruced up a bit.

Peebles Former Cinema

We partook of the ice-cream from Caldwell’s shop/cafe just along the street. It was good.

On the High Street I noticed this Art Deco gate at the entrance to a close:-

Art Deco Gate in Peebles

This is the view from the close:-

Peebles Art Deco Gate

We ventured down to the green by the River Tweed where there is this Pavilion:-

Art Deco Pavilion, Peebles

The reverse has slightly more deco style:-

Peebles Art Deco Pavilion Reverse

On a back street the two Chambers brothers who later produced Chambers’s Dictionary (as it was known at first) were both born, in 1800 and 1802 respectively, as the plaque records.

Peebles House Chambers Plaque

Glasgow’s Art Deco Heritage 5: Sauchiehall Street

Apart from the Beresford Hotel, Sauchiehall Street had a couple of other Art Deco buildings. This is a stitch of Marks and Spencer’s:-

And here is a close-up showing some detail:-

Dunnes Stores is on the corner of Sauchiehall and Cambridge Streets:-

Roof-line and window detail:-

There is a lovely finish to the highest part:-

The ABC cinema predates deco – originally built in 1877 before conversion to a cinema in 1929 – but is still a fine building. (Two photos stitched to get it all in):-

The Scottish cinemas website says it is closed. It seems to house a music venue now.

Glasgow’s Art Deco Heritage 4: Odeon Cinema, Renfield Street

Once the Paramount, before it became an Odeon, this is a building which is not as glorious as it used to be.

Full view from Upper Renfield Street:-

Corner element from Renfield Street:-

Renfiled Street aspect. Note the two men abseiling down the frontage, perhaps cleaning it:-

Detail of corner frontage:-

This is still a stunning looking building even if it needs a lot of tlc. I believe, however, only the facade remains as the Scottish cinemas website records. Compare this with this.

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 35: Peterculter

After Banchory we headed for Aberdeen and passed through Peterculter.

I spotted this former cinema, now a Chinese Restaurant:-

The ridging in the stonework is good as is the curved stepping.

Across the road and up a bit there was the building below, which may once have been a bank but is now a funeral director’s. Strong horizontals and verticals and a hint of a canopy:-

Then there was Café Bombay:-

Not a bad haul of Deco for what is effectively a village.

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 12: Gorgie Road

While walking to Tynecastle I passed two Art Deco buildings on Gorgie Road.

The first was the former Tivoli Picture House/New Tivoli Cinema.

Nice detailing on the stonework and great zig-zag pattern on the roofline above the canopied entrance. Strong horizontals elsewhere.

The opposite view:-

In the first photo you can see the terrace of shops beyond the cinema. I had to stitch two photos to get the whole row in the picture below. The building is of course not curved.

More pictures of the New Tivoli can be found on the Scottish Cinemas website.

Stafford (iv)

The Stafford Cinema:-

This reminds me very much of the cinema in Braintree.

Here’s the side view:-

And that long window:-

There’s a deco terrace of shops just to the right.

This shows the terrace’s relation to the cinema.

The photo below of the cinema is on Trip Advisor.

The Stafford Cinema

Stafford (iii)

I assume this is a former cinema or else it would not have the name it does. The Picture House, Stafford.

Interesting mixture of architectural styles, Tudor, with deco flourishes on the roof and a touch of Georgian.

Here’s the side view:-

And a close up on the stained glass of the canopy. Exquisite.

Detail round the upper window.

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