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Ceres Scenes

The village green, called the Bow Butts, taken from the site of the Bannockburn Monument:-

Bow Butts, Ceres

Ceres old bridge, from the car park:-

Ceres Old Bridge 1

Ceres Old Bridge 2

Ceres Old Bridge 3

Ceres Burn from the old bridge:-

Ceres Burn

A folly (to the left of the bridge, above):-

Ceres Folly

Queensferry Crossing (v)

A different angle on the new Forth Road Bridge, from the A 90 heading south. The photos were taken on 31st March 2016; not by the driver but by his good lady.

Queensferry Crossing. (Original Forth Road Bridge to left):-

New Forth Road Bridge 21

Closer view:-

New Forth Road Bridge 22

Even closer view:-

New Forth Road Bridge 23

Wade’s Bridge, Aberfeldy

This elegant bridge over the Tay at Aberfeldy was built by General George Wade as part of his military road building programme to pacify the Highlands after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.

Bridge from east:-

Wade's Bridge, Aberfeldy from east

Roadway; one track carriageway controlled by traffic lights:-

Wade's Bridge, Aberfeldy, Roadway

Bridge from west:-

Wade's Bridge, Aberfeldy

Queensferry Crossing (iv)

Photos taken 11/2/2016.

North Support Pillar:-

New Forth Road Bridge 14

North cable stay tower:-

New Forth Road Bridge 15

Service boat near north cable stay tower:-

New Forth Road Bridge 16

Centre cable stay tower from North Queensferry:-

New Forth Road Bridge 17

South and centre cable stay towers and south support pillar from South Queensferry. I have read there’s a problem with this pillar as it’s leaning a bit:-

New Forth Road Bridge 18

South, centre and north cable stay towers plus first Forth Road Bridge to right:-

New Forth Road Bridge 19

New bridge seen through the original Forth Road Bridge:-

New Forth Road Bridge 20

Forth Bridges

Forth Bridge (rail) seen through south piers of Forth Road Bridge. Road Bridge’s suspension cables feeding into their anchor point:-

Forth Bridges

Queensferry Crossing (iii)

These were taken in October 2015. A year or so after I first photographed the new bridge.

Northern support pillar:-

New Forth Road Bridge 11

North cable stay tower:-

New Forth Road Bridge 12

Southern and centre cable stay towers. Original Forth Road Bridge on left:-

New Forth Road Bridge 13

Queensferry Crossing (ii)

These photos were taken in March 2015.

Northern support pillar:-

New Forth Road Bridge 7

Northern cable stay tower:-

New Forth Road Bridge 8

Southern and centre cable stay towers:-

New Forth Road Bridge 9

Southern cable stay tower and support pillars:-

New Forth Road Bridge 10

Queensferry Crossing (i)

Queensferry Crossing is the name of the New Forth Road Bridge, now under construction. Personally I think they ought to have embraced the pun and called it the Fifth Bridge since there are now two bridges at Kincardine-on-Forth plus the Forth Bridge (the rail bridge) and the Road Bridge.

I started taking photographs in October 2014 but haven’t got round to posting them till now. The first three are from the North Queensferry side.

This is a support pillar for the carriageway on the north side:-

New Forth Road Bridge 2

The northern cable stay tower:-

New Forth Road Bridge 1

Centre and southern cable stay towers:-

New Forth Road Bridge 3

These three are from the South Queensferry end.

South support pillars and bridge starting to be winched out. Note temporary cable stay arrangement:-

New Forth Road Bridge 4

All three cable stay towers:-

New Forth Road Bridge 5

Original Forth Road Bridge plus new crossing’s centre and north cable stay towers:-

New Forth Road Bridge 6

The Ford at Geddington

We took a stroll around Geddington (see previous post) and found a lovely bridge. The bridge is only wide enough for one car/vehicle at a time. You can see here the ford beside it which allows simultaneous passage. (We did see a driver chicken out of tackling the ford though):-

Bridge + Ford

View of the ford and river from the bridge:-

The Ford at Geddington


The spa town of Buxton has a lot of fine classical architecture, not the least of which is the spa itself.

Buxton Spa

Close-up on bit to left. The writing on the building says Natural Mineral Bath:-

Buxton Spa

This is the view from the War Memorial:-

Buxton  spa

And from the town, showing aspects of the spa building to the right of the previous photos:-

Buxton spa stitch

Buxton also sports a fine Opera House:-

Buxton  Opera House

I read that this building, now part of Buxton and Leek College, had the largest dome in the world at the time it was built:-

Buxton and Leek College Building

River and bridge in Buxton Park:-

Buxton park

Miniature Railway in Buxton Park:-

Buxton Miniature Railway in Park

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