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Largo War Memorial

Largo War Memorial

The memorial is set by the A915 on the road from Leven up the Fife coast to Crail (or across Fife to St Andrews) just out of Lower Largo before the raod turns up to Upper Largo. The memorial obelisk is inscribed with the words, “To the Glorious Memory of the Men of Largo Parish who fell in the Great War,” and also bears the names of the First World War dead. The plaques on the wall behind give the names for the Second World War.

Below is a wider view showing more of the wall, which bears the dates 1939 and 1945, one at each end.

Largo War Memorial

Fife’s Art Deco Heritage 10 (ii): Leven Again

When I pass through Leven I usually don’t go via the town itself but use the A915 which only goes through the upper part. Last time though I went via the A955 and consequently viewed not only the War Memorial but also two Art Deco style buildings.

The larger of these is in Durie Street, just off the town centre, and once housed a Co-operative store, built in 1937.

Former Co-operative Building, Leven, Fife from East

The stepping on the roofline, the “brows,” the windows, the horizontals and verticals, and the slight protrusion of the vertical windows flanking the centre ones are all deco features.

This is the upper frontage:-

Former Co-operative Building, Leven, Fife

And here’s a close-up on the frieze above the central windows:-

Detail on Former Co-op Building, Leven, Fife

The trianguloid protrusions flanking the centre portion look like this:-

Window Detail, Former Co-operative Building, Leven

Further out from the town centre on Scoonie road is the Agenda pub.

Agenda, Leven

This one shows the deco detailing:-

Art Deco Detailing on Agenda

Leven (Scoonie Parish) War Memorial

The Fife town of Leven lies in Scoonie Parish. It is the dead of Scoonie Parish which the memorial commemorates.

The main memorial is an obelisk set in well kept surroundings and carries names of WW1 dead. The wall behind commemorates WW2.

Leven (Scoonie Parish) War Memorial 1

Leven (Scoonie Parish) War Memorial 2

Leven (Scoonie Parish) Memorial Wall

Methilhill War Memorial

Just over the road from the Douglas Arms in Methilhill, Fife, there is a side street which has a small War Memorial set in a small recess separated from an area of parkland by a fence.

The memorial is dedicated to those from Methilhill who gave their lives in the service of their country. There are no names on it. I assume these will be on the main Methil Memorial.

Methilhill War Memorial

Fife’€™s Art Deco Heritage 12: Methilhill

Methilhill is a part of Methil, up from the main town and the sea and situated between the lower part of the town and the curve of the River Leven.

This is The Douglas Arms. (Poked out eyes again, sadly.)

Douglas Arms, Methilhill, Fife

This is a flat roofed extension to a house right next to The Douglas Arms.

It may have been deco once but is more likely just flat-roofed.

Next Door to Douglas Arms, Methilhill, Fife

Fife’€™s Art Deco Heritage 11: Methil

Methil is one of those post-industrial towns which now litter Scotland. There is still some shipbuilding/oil related work going on there but, like most of Fife, Methil is somewhat down on its luck.

It does have Art Deco though. This building is on Wellesley Road. The red paint is the main deco feature as the eyes have been poked out.

Budget Micro, Methil, Frontage

Budget Micro, Methil, Side

Just along from it there is this pub on a corner, now looking for a new owner, which has deco detailing to the roofline.

Bayview Bar, Methil, Fife

Glenrothes Memorial

Glenrothes is a new town situated in Fife. Building began there in the 1960s.

Consequently there is no War Memorial.

However a small memorial cairn has been erected by the Pitteuchar shopping area Community Centre hard by the car park.

On it are inscribed two names, Privates Mark Ferns and Scott McArdle. The date given for both is 2005.

Memorial Cairn, Glenrothes

Glenrothes Memorial

Culross War Memorial

One of the places we visited last summer was the small village of Culross in the west of Fife (almost as far west as possible in Fife.)

The War Memorial is set in a small memorial garden hard by the car park at the west end of the village almost as close to the river Forth as you can get. The lower names here are for the dead of World War 2. The other names are for World War 1.

Culross War Memorial

The lowest name here is for a soldier who died in Iraq in 2007.

Culross War Memorial

Pittenweem War Memorial

Pittenweem is a fishing village in the East Neuk of Fife. It’s got a famous* chip shop (which was queued out of the door when we tried to buy some of its product.) There are two other chippies in the place. We tried the one furthest west next time. Much quicker service and a very good fish supper.

A few weeks ago I found the War Memorial. The left photo is from the road, the one on the right is from the churchyard itself.

Pittenweem War Memorial 2
Pittenweem War Memorial 1

*Famous in Pittenweem. (To be fair Prince Charles and Camilla are said to have partaken of its wares.)

Cupar, Fife

Cupar used to be the county town of Fife but hasn’t been an administrative hub for a long time now. Despite having a supermarket on the edge of town a few traditional shops still remain in the centre – including Luvian’s café/ice cream/wine shop which has nice Art Deco detailing on the roof line and around the doors

Luvians in Cupar, Fife, Scotland

Cupar’s War Memorial is well situated at the edge of a small park and looking straight up one of the two main streets (which together make up a “T” joining at the town cross.) I don’t much go for the memorials with angels on them. The pillars, with 1939 and 1945 now carved on them, redeem this one a bit though.

War Memorial, Cupar, Fife, Scotland

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