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Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 35: Peterculter

After Banchory we headed for Aberdeen and passed through Peterculter.

I spotted this former cinema, now a Chinese Restaurant:-

The ridging in the stonework is good as is the curved stepping.

Across the road and up a bit there was the building below, which may once have been a bank but is now a funeral director’s. Strong horizontals and verticals and a hint of a canopy:-

Then there was Café Bombay:-

Not a bad haul of Deco for what is effectively a village.

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 13 (iii): Perth Once More

We were in Perth at the back end of October and I took the chance to photograph this shop in South Methven Street – mainly for the lettering on the tobacconist’s shop though the upper portion of the building may be deco too, or perhaps a bit later. The windows have been poked out, whatever.

Round the corner in South Street is this next building. Good columning here, lovely curve on the roof line and the upward tweaks at the edge of the roof are nice touches.

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 14: Queensferry Road

This first one is directly on Queensferry Road.

A strange mixtue of styles but that rounded corner element is very deco:-

This one is back from the road. This photo was taken over the front wall:-

View showing bay window. Pity the windows have been replaced.

West side view:-

Rear window. Great stained glass here which must be original. Difficult to photograph from the access road through the foliage:-

West side view.:-

Detail of ladder leading up to roof:-

Front entrance and bay window.:-

Front entrance. Delightful square windows here:-

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 13: Edinburgh Sports Club

This is a mainly 1930s sports club building situated just beside the Water of Leith off Belford Road near the Gallery of Modern Art. That newer entrance spoils it somewhat. The photo is a stitch to get it all in.

Far end view:-

Strong horizontals and verticals here. The canopy is good, and the blue highlighting. The windows have that “eyes poked out” look though.

Side view:-

The detailing on the main wall is good. That extension is a bit bland though.

Gregory’s Meridian, St Andrews

I was in St Andrews at the back end of September and spotted this on the pavement in south South Street. I don’t think I’d noticed it before. Is it relatively new?

It is Gregory’s Meridian line.

A plaque on the wall gives more information.

James Gregory looks to have been one of the 17th century’s greatest scientists. A meridian, Calculus, the diffraction grating and a type of telescope?

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 12: Gorgie Road

While walking to Tynecastle I passed two Art Deco buildings on Gorgie Road.

The first was the former Tivoli Picture House/New Tivoli Cinema.

Nice detailing on the stonework and great zig-zag pattern on the roofline above the canopied entrance. Strong horizontals elsewhere.

The opposite view:-

In the first photo you can see the terrace of shops beyond the cinema. I had to stitch two photos to get the whole row in the picture below. The building is of course not curved.

More pictures of the New Tivoli can be found on the Scottish Cinemas website.

Stafford (iv)

The Stafford Cinema:-

This reminds me very much of the cinema in Braintree.

Here’s the side view:-

And that long window:-

There’s a deco terrace of shops just to the right.

This shows the terrace’s relation to the cinema.

The photo below of the cinema is on Trip Advisor.

The Stafford Cinema

Stafford (iii)

I assume this is a former cinema or else it would not have the name it does. The Picture House, Stafford.

Interesting mixture of architectural styles, Tudor, with deco flourishes on the roof and a touch of Georgian.

Here’s the side view:-

And a close up on the stained glass of the canopy. Exquisite.

Detail round the upper window.

Stafford (i)

On the way back to Scotland we stopped off at Stafford for a break.

The place is festooned with Art Deco.

This is the Edinburgh Woollen Mill:-

And here’s a detail:-

This is the upper frontage of the Nat West Building:-

This is another shop’s frontage:-

Here’s Marks and Spencer’s (a stitch of two photos):-

Art Deco, or at least 1930s, style shop upper window. The glazing looks original to me. Possibly Critall. Good brickwork too.

A pub/restaurant called Casa. Perhaps modern but has deco style


After we left Bicester we made our way to the hotel we’d booked in Buckingham.

The town has a swan for its symbol. In golden form it appears as a finial (it looks too big and heavy to be a weathervane) on the roof of the Town Hall.

The town centre is pleasant with a mediæval castle-type building which was also once the town jail.

The Sainsbury’s Local (On the road in) has a look of Deco about it. There are good horizontals in the brickwork and stepping on the roofline.

The shop has been blended in well with the flat-roofed thirties house to its left.

There is a lovely Art Deco frieze on the wall of The Buckingham School, a Sports College. Note the swan logo. I assume the BCC stands for Buckingham County Council.

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