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Art Deco in Boston, Lincolnshire

Boston has its fair share, perhaps more, of Art Deco buildings.

The West End Cinema doesn’t look so deco from this angle:-

West End Cinema, Boston

But this corner doorway has Art Deco styling:-

West End Cinema, Boston, Corner.

There are Art Deco elements in this side view too:-

West End Cinema, Boston, Side

There was typical 1930s Deco styling on Marks & Spencer’s:-

Marks & Spencer, Boston

Clarks has a vaguely deco look with an undoubted deco sunburst and “M” just above the Clarks sign – presumably a relic of the original occupant:-

Vaguely Art Deco Shop in Boston 8

As does QD Stores:-

Art Deco Style, Boston

Cash Generator was more to the point. Rule of three in and on the pillars:-

Art Deco in Boston

Then there was the striking Cammack’s:-

Cammack's, Boston

Rule of three in the windows, sunburst decoration in name frieze:-

Cammack, Boston, Frontage

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 17: Morningside and Comiston

The Dominion Cinema may be the most striking Art Deco building in Edinburgh’s Morningside but there is some minor deco about the area.

Art Deco style old bank in Morningside, Edinburgh, now an Estate Agent’s:-

Pagan Osborne, Morningside, Edinburgh

Doorway. Note cartouche and surround:-

Doorway, Pagan Osborne, Morningside, Edinburgh

Pagan Osborne, Morningside, Edinburgh

Bank entrance, Comiston Road, Edinburgh. There was a van parked on the street directly in front of this so I couldn’t photograph it from any furher away:-

Bank Door, Comiston Road, Edinburgh

Some Art Deco in Doncaster

On our trip down south in May to get the ferry to Holland we had to take a detour because of an accident on the A 1.

As a result we passed through Doncaster. The traffic was pretty backed-up there to so I was able to get a few snaps off when we chanced upon some 1930s deco style houses. Sadly they all seemed to have had their eyes poked out:-

Doncaster Deco Houses 1

Art Deco Houses, Doncaster 2

Art Deco Houses, Doncaster 3

Art Deco, Doncaster 4

Then there was this commercial building:-

Art Deco, Doncaster 5

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 47: Clarkston

Clarkston is a town in East Renfrewshire, just south of Glasgow on one of the suburban railway lines.

This Art Deco influenced shop now houses a dental practice:-

Art Deco Style, Clarkston

Note frieze above door with motto “Ditat, Servata, Fides” (faith preserved enriches):-

Art Deco, Clarkston, Extension


Art Deco Style, Clarkston, Detail

Gable end, note detailing below signage area:-

Art Deco Style, Clarkston, Gable End

Art Deco lettering on Café Roma:-

Art Deco Lettering on Clarkston Café

Helensburgh Architecture

I was over in the west in April (for the Queen of the South game I think) and took in Helensburgh again.

This shop (in Sinclair Street?) has very minor Art Deco touches:-

Decoish Shop Frontage Helensburgh

Detail of windows to right:-

Helensburgh, Decoish Frontage 2

This building (definitely in Sinclair Street) is impressive in its upper reaches:-

Helensburgh Shop Building

Roofline detail:-

Helensburgh Shop Close-up

This cartouche looks like it may be a representation of St Andrew:-

Helensburgh Shop Detail

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 16: Dominion Cinema, Morningside

This is a stunner. A fantastic cinema in the Streamline Moderne Art Deco style. It really ought to have been much further up this list, possibly even at the top, but I had no photographs of it. I knew it existed but not exactly where it was in Edinburgh. I wasn’t very familiar with the geography of the city but my son moved there a couple of years ago and on a visit I was exploring the area he lives in.

Imagine my delight on coming across this by accident rather than design. It’s still a working independent cinema, run by a family. This is their website. They also have a facebook presence.

From Morningside Road end of Newbattle Terrace. Great curved column:-

Dominion Cinema, Edinburgh

Closer view:-

Dominion Cinema 2

From Newbattle Terrace, opposite aspect:-

Dominion Cinema 3

Upper detailing and roofline:-

Dominion Cinema 4

Stained glass window by entrance doorway. This is mirrored on the other side:-

Dominion Cinema 5

Column detailing and surround:-

Dominion Cinema 6

Canopy, clock and lettering:-

Dominion Cinema 7

Stitch from across Newbattle Terrace:-

Dominion Cinema 8

Ancient and Moderne

Just before the chapel’s entrance on the approach to Rosslyn Chapel stands the Old Rosslyn Inn.

Old Rosslyn Inn

The inn’s catalogue of great and good patrons is commemorated on a plaque by the arched gateway:-

Old Rosslyn Inn

Yet this obviously 20th century building (in the Art Deco/Moderne style) can also be seen from the access road.

Moderne Building

Rosslyn Chapel

In April we went to Rosewell, Midlothian, to preview the lots at an art auction. (Left a bid, didn’t get the painting. Ah well.)

Being so near by we took a peek at Rosslyn Chapel on the way back through Roslin. A fine Gothic confection, the chapel certainly stands in contrast to most Scottish places of worship, which tend to the square and boxy.

It has achieved a kind of notoriety by being associated with the Knights Templar – a connection which is seemingly nonsense – and its mention by Dan Brown in the Da Vinci Code, a book whose premise alone is enough to put me off reading it.

More properly known as the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew, Rosslyn chapel was founded in the 15th century:-

Rosslyn Chapel From Surrounding Path.


Rosslyn Chapel close-in

Side view:-

Rosslyn Chapel Side View


Rosslyn Chapel Roof

Stitch of two photos:-

Rosslyn Chapel Full

This was the auction house building in Rosewell. Slight Art Deco feel, mainly in the paintwork:-

Rosewell Auction House

Art Deco Snippets

I keep noticing Art Deco styling I’ve previously missed in places I visit relatively often.

Shop frontage, Dunbar:-

Art Deco Styling, Dunbar

Building ventilator grille, St Andrews:-

Art Deco Ventilator for Building, St Andrews

Former Majestic Cinema, Inverkeithing

Located in Boreland Road, Inverkeithing, the cinema opened in 1918 but updated in 1931 and has a vaguely Art Deco feel. It’s now an antiques/second-hand shop.

Former Majestic Cinema Inverkeithing

Former Majestic Cinema Inverkeithing 2

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