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Goodbye Son of the Rock Towers

All being well we should have moved house today.

This is Son of the Rock Towers – no more.

Side view showing part of gable end and side gate:-

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 33: Peebles

I’m a bit late with this. I visited Peebles (in the Scottish Borders) in August.

I missed its War Memorial but was pleasantly surprised to find several deco shops.

This shop is at the east end of the High Street:-

Art Deco Shop Peebles

Here’s a close-up on the roof detailing:-

Detail on Art Deco Shop Peebles

Again on the High Street, the Bank of Scotland building. Lower frontage and windows have the look:-

Art Deco Bank Peebles

The former Playhouse Cinema:-

Art Deco Shop Peebles

Only really the roof-line here. If it’s the same Caldwell’s as in nearby Innerleithen the ice cream is very good:-

Art Deco Shop Peebles

Fountain and North Cascade, Empire Exhibition 1938

The Empire Exhibition of 1938 was well endowed with fountains. The one in this postcard was at the foot of the North Cascade. The Tower of Empire (seen here in the background) was never far from any view in the Exhibition.

Empire Exhibition 1938, Fountain and North Cascade bw

Kirkcaldy’s Art Deco Heritage 11c. High Street: Second Addendum

Walking along the High Street recently the good lady asked if I thought this was deco. I said I thought not but she thought the keystone on the arched window is. Decide for yourselves.

Looking at the window outlines as I checked the posting – especially as delineated by the wire leading up to the street lamp – there is perhaps a hint of deco.

Whatever, it’s now the premises of Holland and Barrett.

Holland and Barrett, High Street, Kirkcaldy

Kirkcaldy’s Art Deco Heritage 19. Park Place

I don’t often go along Park Place and so hadn’t really noticed the deco style of these two buildings. They’re not high deco, but the roof lines and the strong horizontals and verticals are suggestive.

Deco Styling Park Place, Kirkcaldy

Close up on the taller one; its windows are replacements, but still appears deco:-

Close-up Park Place, Kirkcaldy

The square chimney is redolent of deco:-

Park Place Deco Chimney

Souvenir Jigsaw of Empire Exhibition 1938

Souvenir Jigsaw of Empire Exhibition 1938

The jigsaw – made by Waddington’s – shows one of the Scotland Pavilions (there were two of these sited opposite each other on Scottish Avenue,) the Tower of Empire, United Kingdom Pavilion and the Canadian Pavilion plus a troop of charging horse.

The box this one came in was a bit tatty but still striking with the lion rampant logo and Tower of Empire.

Box for Empire Exhibition 1938 Jigsaw

There is another Waddington’s jigsaw of the Exhibition featuring a closer view of the Tower of Empire with aeroplanes in the sky overhead and this time with a marching band of bagpipers approaching the foreground. I have that in a cupboard somewhere.

Bandstand at the Empire Exhibition 1938

This is a sepia postcard showing a general view of the Empire Exhibition, Scotland, 1938 held in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow.

Bandstand and Tower, Empire Exhibition 1938

And this one shows a close-up of the bandstand. Brilliant curve on the shelter part!

Bandstand, Empire Exhibition 1938

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 32: Biggar

Biggar is in Lanarkshire, 11 miles or so south of Lanark, far enough away from a really big town to have retained many of the sorts of shops which have disappeared from many High Streets. Most of them seemed independent/local. Not many chain shops anyway.

I spotted two deco influenced buildings. The first was a hairdresser’s.

Art Deco Shop Biggar

This close up from a different angle shows the detailing. Horizontal lines, angled frontage. Windows have been replaced but not too unsympathetically.

Close up on Deco Hairdresser's, Biggar

The second was an extension to a bank. Well, no longer a bank but instead it houses several small businesses. Nice frieze above the door.

art Deco Style Bank Extension, Biggar

United Kingdom Pavilion by Night

Another black and white photographic postcard of the Empire Exhibition, Scotland, 1938. The United Kingdom Pavilion.

United Kingdom Pavilion by Night

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 31: Kelso

I have visited Kelso, in the Scottish Borders region, before but hadn’t explored widely so hadn’t seen any deco. Due to parking in a different place from my earlier visits the Tait Hall was one of the first buildings I noticed this time. Designed by William Barclay in 1933 it has typical Deco features, strong verticals and horizontals, banding and it looks like original fenestration! The cut-outs on the upper parts of the side extensions are also good.

Tait Hall, Kelso, close view

Tait Hall, Kelso, from left.

Once home I found a much better picture than any of mine on the net. (No van in the foreground for a start.)

TAit Hall Kelso

Not far from the Tait Hall is the Contented Vine Restaurant, once the Roxy Cinema. The railings were getting a paint job at the time.

Former Roxy Cinema, Kelso

Nice pedimenting and pastel outlining. Pity about the replacement windows on this one.

More photos of Kelso are on my flickr.

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