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Aberdeen’s Art Deco Heritage 3 (ii): The Beach Ballroom Again

I have mentioned the Beach Ballroom several times, but all of these refer back to my original post.

On the same day Sons played Aberdeen in the Cup quarter-final (over two years ago) I actually got round to taking photos of it myself.


Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen

Entrance. Good glazing on the doors:-

Entrance to Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen

From entrance looking east:-

Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen

Frontage from east:-

Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen from East

East elevation from south:-

Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen, Looking north from east side

North portion (Star Ballroom) from east:-

Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen, North end from east

Star Ballroom entrance. Good detailing above door:-

Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen, Star Ballroom Entrance

Easst elevation from north:-

Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen, looking south down east side

West elevation from (south)west:-

Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen, from west

Entrance block from west:-

Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen, South side from West

Dunfermline’s Art Deco Heritage 7: Giacomo’s

Giacomo’s is a café/baker’s shop in Cross Wynd. As the street name suggests it is rather a narrow thoroughfare. That made it very difficult to get a photograph. In addition these were taken in the depths of winter as light was fading. It’s the rounded bay and the windows which are the most deco features but the glazing is not original.

From the lower part of Cross Wynd:-

Giacomo's, Dunfermline

From the upper part of Cross Wynd:-

Giacomo's, Dunfermline from North

Cube-like House, Broughty Ferry

Broughty Ferry is a town just to the west of Dundee.

We were there to take advantage of a voucher for High Tea* at Jessie’s Kitchen kindly given us as a present by our eldest son and his girlfriend. The High Tea was delightful.

Just along Albert Road though I spotted this:-

Cube-like House, Broughty Ferry

The window shapes and white rendering speak of deco. Shame about the replacement windows (and this possibly had a flat roof at one time.) The garage extension at the front is rather unsympathetic though:-

White House, Broughty Ferry

*Edited to add. I’ve just remembered it wasn’t High Tea. It was Afternoon Tea.

The Logie Baird Pub, Helensburgh

This is the former La Scala Cinema, Helensburgh, now a pub named after Helensburgh’s most famous son, John Logie Baird, inventor of television. (Well, one form of it.) Stitch of two photos:-

The Logie Baird Pub, Helensburgh

The building was erected in 1913 so it doesn’t qualify as Art Deco proper but there are some features which prefigure the style like these side pillars:-

The Logie Baird, Helensburgh  Side View

Also the stepping on the roof-line. The painting scheme emphasises the Deco feel:-

The Logie Baird

Lost Art Deco Buildings, Willenhall

I found this article on Josiah Parkes & Sons Ltd, lockmakers, via the good lady’s blog. The article features the Union Works, Willenhall. (Willenhall, now in the Metropolitan Borough of Walsall, seems to have been a hotbed of lockmaking.)

In the 1930s the firm built a new set of offices in the Deco style and also an extension to the existing works matching the new offices. Sadly these both seem to have now been demolished.

All photos are from

Architect’s drawing of new factory (1933):-

Architect's drawing

Actual building (1933). Those look like superb Critall windows to me:-

New Factory 1933

A colour photograph pre-demolition. That brown paintwork over the lower brickwork and upper rendering was a mistake, methinks:-

Union Works Offices

Union Works (built to match the new office building):-

Union Works

Is there no way both these fine buildings could have been preserved?

1930s House

This is just off the A 814 road between Cardross and Helensburgh. Has Deco styling with curved bay protrusion, flat roof, white render.

Art Deco House

Side view:-

Art Deco House Side View

Shows extensions (??) at side:-

Art Deco House Again

From across the A 814 road. Shows curved bay and arched entrance of brick, painted black:-

Art Deco House More Fully

Mount Grace Priory

Mount Grace Priory in North Yorkshire is the best preserved Carthusian monastery in Britain. After the dissolution of the monasteries some of the ruins of its guest house were incorporated into two later manor houses, the latest in the Arts and Crafts style in 1901.

Front of Manor House from its garden:-

Mount Grace Priory Manor House

This is the Manor House from inside the grounds, priory ruins in foreground:-

Mount Grace Priory Manor House from Grounds

The most substantial remaining part of the original Priory is the ruins of its church:-

Mount Grace Priory, Church

Great Art Deco Pub/Resaturant

After Oakham we travelled north and passed through Nottingham where I spotted The Crown as I was driving past. I had to stop and photograph it. Stunning.

The Crown, Nottingham

Side view from north:-

The Crown, Nottingham from North

From north-east. Windows, chimney, exterior walling, all superb. If the windows have been replaced it’s been done sensitively. Pity about the grafitti on the wall, though:-

The Crown, Nottingham from North-east

From South-east:-

The Crown, Nottingham, from South-east

Rear of building. Nice to see the Art Deco elements extend all the way round, even if the extension’s a bit iffy:-

The Crown, Nottingham, Rear

Detail showing Crown emblem at front:-

The Crown, Nottingham

This view mostly avoided the lamp-post obscuring the building:-

The Crown, Nottingham, from East

Art Deco in Market Harborough

Market Harborough in Leicestershire was our next port of call.

Two Art Deco(ish) shops both with their eyes poked out:-

Art Deco Shop in Market Harborough

Art Deco in Market Harborough

Desborough, Northamptonshire

We passed through Desborough on our way from Geddington and Rushton.

On the way in to the town was this brick Art Deco style building – a boot factory as it turned out:-

Art Deco Factory, Desborough

The rule of three is followed in the brickwork between the lower and upper windows and again just below the roofline:-

Art Deco Building, Desborough

Detail. Note glazing and projection:-

Art Deco Detail, Desborough

In the town itself was this. (Eyes poked out though):-

Art Deco, Desborough

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