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Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 6 (ii). Carron Restaurant Stonehaven Revisited

Well I hadn’t photographed it before but I had featured it here. See also my comments of two posts ago.

These are my photos though. Main entrance and stairs:-

Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven, Art Deco Delight

Garden detail. Great deco styling:-

Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven, Art Deco, Garden Detail

The gateway is superb:-

Art Deco Gateway, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

The Art Deco styling extends to the fencing at the lane to the side:-

Garden and Fencing, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Again note the fencing here and on the balcony, plus the lovely circular sweep of the canopy and windows which have very stylish glazing:-

Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven, View from Lane.

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 40: Stonehaven

Stonehaven was once the county town of Kincardineshire but that county has since been incorporated into Aberdeenshire.

Corner site; typical north-eastern granite construction:-

Art Deco Shop Front, Stonehaven

Round the corner. Good detailing and glazing around the entrance to that middle shop :-

Art Deco Shop Front, Stonehaven

The Deco theme continues for the next three shops. Again note the glazing. The leftmost shop here is the street entrance to the Carron Restaurant. In the link I say it’s the rightmost shop but I hadn’t visited Stonehaven when I made that post. Sadly when I was there the restaurant was closed again due to the retirement of its owners. I understand it has since been reopened once more:-

Art Deco Shop Fronts, Stonehaven

Rightmost shop; good stonework detail above door:-

Art Deco Shop Front, Stonehaven 4

Very minor deco, up a side street:-

Minor Art Deco, Stonehaven

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 39: Bathgate (ii)

A couple more Art Deco buildings in Bathgate.

This one looks like an ex-Woolworths but is now a Poundland. Typical deco styling:-

Former Woolworths, Bathgate

Deco touches:-

Minor Art Deco, Bathgate

Bank of Scotland. This may be later but has deco elements, especially the tall window:-

Art Deco Style Bank, Bathgate

The Pavilion, an ex-cinema, isn’t truly deco as it was built in 1920 but it prefigures the style. Note the Rule of Three in the front windows and door:-

Former Pavilion Cinema, Bathgate

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 39: Bathgate (i)

Not content with the Regal Cinema, Bathgate in West Lothian has another striking Art Deco building. It has excellent detailing, picked out in paint.

Art Deco Building, Bathgate

Corner roofline detail:-

Art Deco, Bathgate, Detail

Upper story and roofline:-

Art Deco Building, Bathgate

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 38: Regal Cinema, Bathgate

Fine Art Deco cinema in Bathgate, West Lothian. Still in use as a cinema.

The “Rule of Three” is at work here in the central windows and their mullions, the lines at either side of the “Regal” sign and on the rooflines:-

Regal Cinema Bathgate

From side:-

Regal Cinema, Bathgate, from side

Railings and steps. Good deco “triangle” drop in each rail’s line:-

Regal Cinema, Bathgate, Railings and Steps.

Fine Art Deco glass and detailing on the canopy facade:-

Regal Cinema, Bathgate, Canopy Detail

Showing alleyway at left side of Cinema (as you look at it.) Rule of three in the sets of windows here?

Regal Cinema, Bathgate, Opposite Side

There’s a good, strong finial above the window in this detail of the frontage:-

Regal Cinema, Bathgate, Detail at Front

Inverness Art Deco (ii)

This one’s in Church Street. New Start Highland:-

Inverness Art Deco Style

As I recall all these are in Academy Street.

Nickel and Dime, street frontage:-

Inverness Art Deco Again

Nickel and Dime, corner. Note the eyes have been poked out:-

Corner View Inverness Art Deco Shop

Part of Farmfoods. Again poked out eyes:-

Inverness Art Deco Style

Craigdon Mountain Sports, corner. The upper windows on this don’t look bad. Could they still be original?:-

Art Deco Shop, Inverness

Craigdon Mountain Sports, Academy Street frontage. Built 1936. Good detailing:-

Art Deco Shop, Inverness, Frontage

Art Deco in Inverness (i)

While we were up north with the good lady’s blog friend Peggy we managed to take in Loch Ness and Inverness. Loch Ness is well photographed but not so much the Art Deco in Inverness.

The most striking Art Deco structure is probably the BT building which I first saw from the north end of Church Street:-

Art Deco BT Building Inverness

There was, though, a better view from the pedestrian suspension bridge across the River Ness:-

Art Deco, Inverness, BT Building

The first deco building I had spotted, however, was across from a supermarket car park.

Art  Deco Building, Inverness

There was a pub with deco styling in Baron Taylor’s Lane:-

Inverness Art Deco, The Eagle

This very dilapidated looking upper storey is at the north end of Academy Street:-

Inverness Art Deco?

There is more to come from Academy Street later.

Art Deco in Asmara

The Guardian this week published several pieces about the African country of Eritrea, which is ruled by a repressive regime.

The Guardian briefing about the country is here.

Two of these articles were, however, illustrated by photographs of Art Deco buildings – a relic of Mussolini’s invasion of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) of which Eritrea was then a part.

I couldn’t find all of the photos from the print editions on the Guardian website but the main piece on the Art Deco buildings is here.

The Fiat Building in Eritrea’s capital Asmara is simply stunning:-

Fiat Building Asmara

This is the Cinema Impero in Asmara:-

Cinema Impero Asmara

And here is a café interior:-

Cafe in Asmara

The photographs shown here are credited in the Guardian to Natasha Stallard/Brownbrook.

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 33: Peebles. Addendum

In August 2013 when I was in Peebles the former Playhouse Cinema looked a bit run down. (See here.)

By this May it had been spruced up a bit.

Peebles Former Cinema

We partook of the ice-cream from Caldwell’s shop/cafe just along the street. It was good.

On the High Street I noticed this Art Deco gate at the entrance to a close:-

Art Deco Gate in Peebles

This is the view from the close:-

Peebles Art Deco Gate

We ventured down to the green by the River Tweed where there is this Pavilion:-

Art Deco Pavilion, Peebles

The reverse has slightly more deco style:-

Peebles Art Deco Pavilion Reverse

On a back street the two Chambers brothers who later produced Chambers’s Dictionary (as it was known at first) were both born, in 1800 and 1802 respectively, as the plaque records.

Peebles House Chambers Plaque

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 34: Crieff

Minor Art Deco in Crieff, in the old Perthshire part of Perth and Kinross.

Two shops on the High Street.

Art Deco Style Shop, Crieff

Pity the windows have been poked out on this one.

Art Deco Style, Crieff

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