Kirkcaldy’s Art Deco Heritage 3. Burton’s.

Burton's wide aspect

Unlike the two previous Kirkcaldy buildings I have featured this is an Art Deco structure built for commercial purposes. Because the company’s presence on High Streets arose mainly between the wars many Burton’s premises are Art Deco. They took advantage of the site here (on a corner in the High Street) to incorporate a sweeping curve.

Burton's vertical aspect showing flagpole

It looks like the original windows to me. Pity about the street furniture (Belisha beacon, parking regulation notice and CCTV camera pole) spoiling the view of the frontage a bit.

Burton's window detailing

The detailing between the upper and lower windows is very nice.

Burton's pillar detailing

The tops of the pillars are more like Art Nouveau than Deco. What commercial property nowadays would bother with playful frills like these and the circles above? Modern shop buildings all tend to be functional and architecturally bland; cuboidal boxes. And they’re all on out of town Retail Parks.

Burton's pediment detailing

The edging on the pediment is a lovely Art Deco embellishment. You really have to be looking at the building to notice this.

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  1. Colin Campbell

    I remember that building well from my trips down the High Street with my grandparents who lived in Roomlin Gardens. Very nice interpretive post.

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